More GoDaddy Frustration


Via a mention on Oilman's blog I ended up at the blog of a marketer called Shoemoney, where the following post caught my eye - Godaddy frustrations have hit me first hand.

He has over 1500 domains there, and, as a result of five consecutive failed attempts to log into his account, 'phoned them. The ensuing conversation is posted for your delectation. The issue of concern is that this could easily be someone else attempting to permanently lock him out of his account, and there seems very little concern/awareness/remedy.

GD - “Ok Let me see… Yes it looks like you have been locked out due to 5 invalid attempts”

ShoeMoney - “Well the password is stored in my browser and I have never had a problem before. Can you tell me what time it was locked out?”

GD - “I am sorry I can not but I can tell you it has been locked several times throughout the morning this is a security feature to protect you.”

ShoeMoney - “Ok well it doesn’t take a rocket science to see someone is trying to guess my password or using some sort of brute force method to get into my godaddy account?”

GD - ” Sir, I really doubt someone is trying to hack into your account”



Would be too kind a word to describe their help.

I was transferring my domains away and they tried to keep them because I had changed the address information. The first tech claimed that the ICANN policy was any changes in the domain except for email contact required they keep them for 60 days.

I checked and thats not true.

I pointed that out to the 2nd tech. He said yes your right but company policy says they won't transfer the domains for 60 days. I told him and his supervisor ICANN said that was not a lawful reason to hold a domain. They told me to email the presidents office, to which I replied was BS and this amounted to theft ( I was polite I relise they are cube drones trying to not get fired ). The guy told me to go the the godaddy legal page, so I did then asked what I was looking for next...

his response.. "just read all that, its in there somewhere".

I called a third time telling them I did write the president and I hadn't heard anything. The tech told me to wait and the presidents office would get to it. I told them that wasn't satisfactory and I wanted my domains released and this was inappropriate according to ICANN rules.

His response "Well we aren't doing anything wrong cause ICANN would take action".
Me: "I don't want to argue with you I want my domains released, please give me a number to someone that can help."

"I don't have that number"
"Transfer me to the frontdesk"
"I can't do that here"
"Give me a number to the operator then"
"I don't have that"
"Your telling me you can't call people inside GoDaddy and that the help desk is cut off from the organization?"
...some excuses heere..
"Give me your supervisor please"
"He'll tell you the same"
"Good thats fine let him do that"
"But he can't help you"
"Let him tell me that"
.. go on hold awaiting supervisor..
"Here is the number to the presidents office"

I had to eat up 4 hours of our time just to get to someone who could transfer my domains for some made up reason. All they had to do was give me the number in the first place and everything would have been great. Or give their supervisors authorization to override this BS rule. I am all for them arguing with me to keep the domain for what they suspect to be fraud but once it becomes obvious its not they need to empower their people to help their customers.

Since I have been with them I have sent them at least 20 new clients but I will never do that again.

Since I have been with Moniker on the other hand..
- Real people answer the phone.
- Real people answer questions.
- Help was extremely helpful, professional, knowlegable, and patient even though my portfolio of domains is tiny.

I've worked Customer Service...and Managers don't get it...

Most customer service reps are expected to deal with pissed off people all day, have complete knowledge of the services of the company, and are given little if any training. On top of that, they are paid peanuts.

But here's the thing:
Customer service reps are DIRECTLY involved with the customer. They may be the *ONLY* contact a customer has with your company.


Customer Service Reps often can make or break a lifelong customer with how they solve or don't solve an issue.

Now, in my mind, that is a very important job. I want my customers taken care of so they will always use my services again and refer their friends. In my mind, it makes sense to train my customer service reps really well and make them happy by paying them well and giving them perks.

Most companies don't see it that way. And I've never understood why.

With 1500 domains

I'd have demanded to talk to a supervisor or without resolution to my satisfaction, in my typical style, after quickly moving all the sites to a competitor there would've been a written PRESS RELEASE distributed.

Nothing like a nice PR saying that I was moving 1,500 domains to company X because GoDaddy allowed a 3rd party to block access to my account and cc: the CEO, all the board members, every other GoDaddy employee you can find, their PR people and drop it on PRWeb for mass distribution.

Did something similar to a paging company a few years ago and got a call from the president of the company directly within an hour after of my press release going out and his being reamed by the chairman of their board for letting it escalate that far.

The only way to fight assholes is be a bigger one.

I don't often agree with Bill

But in this case I think thats true. If you persistent enough you'll get help.

Call the presidents office directly for real help, they are very nice:
(480) 505-8828 Phone

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