BMW's Sleek New Website


Reinforcing their brand image, BMW has decided to use a sleek new doorway page technique to drive targeted traffic at their site:

“Gebrauchtwagen” means “used car” in German. How often does this word appear in the doorway page? 42 times, give one or two (the “real” page only includes this word twice). The whole copy doesn’t make much sense due to that either, as it’s a concatenation of monotonously repeated “used car” sentences.

BMW is yet another diamond in the rough.


Nope, another site

BTW a very common practice there, many big brands have more doorway pages etc. than capital in cents.

That didn't last long...

The page has gone already... wonder if somebody got his P45 for that one...

BMW gone from G

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Wow... is that the first

Wow... is that the first billion dollar brand that has actually got bent over for that sort of stuff?

The SAS Radisson (a hotel

The SAS Radisson (a hotel chain) got nailed here a year ago or so for something similar. (Sh)it happens.


This is painfully foreboding. Not the seo... the bigger picture.

SONY bad, BMW bad, GOOG good

the story is making the blog press now. digg, boingboing, etc.

Matt says he is scheduling

Matt says he is scheduling it for reinclusion now. If that site was anything other than a huge company's web site, you'd have to wait months to be reincluded.

I say make them wait.

Danny noted it was also

Danny noted it was also covered at:



Long live BMW.

Pretty clever tactic of them IMV...

can't read german

but buzzmachine posted this

Pointless comments @

Not a single comment worth the translation. Should spam it, my "German Google spam clinic" is a great success;)

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