Meet the New Anchor Text...


Google has began placing bookmarks inline with the associated search results...

Your bookmark label is inserted into the search results near the associated site. That tag is linked to a Google search history search for items tagged with that same tag. You also can tag a result using multiple tags. Google suggests tags based on past tags you have used.

Google nearly cloned and put it in their SERPs and toolbar.


Annotations = tags?

It's possible that Google did. But the timing is interesting.

The patent application that describes Google's Bookmark manager, Methods and systems for personalized network searching, was originally filed on December 3, 2003. I'm not sure of the exact start date for, but the Wikipedia entry points to late 2003.

The patent application describes "annotations" which sound very much like tags from their examples. Here's one:

Searching annotations comprises searching the user-entered annotations using the search query 114 submitted by the user 112a. For example, a user 112a may enter the term "boat" as an annotation for a page comprising marine supplies. If the users 112a enters "boat" as part of the search query 114 utilized by the search engine 120, the page with the "boat" annotation will be returned by the search annotations component.

So, was it cloning, or was it an idea that was in the atmosphere at the time, that more than one source picked up upon?

The patent application also provides for returning these annotation with search results:

Other operations may also be performed on the results based at least in part on user-specific information. For example, the results may be interleaved, merged where necessary or desired, presented with annotations, or presented in other ways that provide useful information to the user 112a.

Nice find Bill Am sure they

Nice find Bill

Am sure they were thinking of tagging and bookmarks long ago, but I am saying that the format of what they launch was exceptionally similar to

But then again there are only so many ways you can integrate tagging.

They don't have's userbase heavily tagging just yet, but unlike Yahoo! they do not own multiple tagging systems that they have to worry about somehow integrating.

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