Matt Cutts - won't give credit where credit's due?


Scroll all the way down to the last 'credit' line of Matt Cutt's blog and all you'll see are links to an XHTML and CSS validator.

Now scroll down to the bottom of the original wordpress theme by Beccy and you'll also see that the design actually comes with a credit to the designer.

Doesn't it seem like Matt's using this woman's design for free, but stripping out her link-love credit? Is it just me? Or does depriving her of her link on what is clearly an important site - well, isnt' that manipulating the search results by hand? Correct me if I'm wrong here folks.



was vigorous discussion and it was decided "thats not evil"

tough call

where was the vigorous discussion?

I don't know if a template design deserves a front page backlink (or sitewide). Heck I don't even agree that should get that by default.

not really cool

For someone that clearly know's so much it's not really that encouraging. C'mon Matt learn some (x)html and design your own page - it will help your 'perspective' on seo et al. Or you could always give credit where it is due?

Nice find wheel.

Go easy on the guy

Go easy on the guy will ya - he can't help it if he looks like Ron Jeremy when he dresses up like a pirate :)

Great opportunity to bust

Great opportunity to bust out the ol' nofollow on her. Surprised he didn't take it.

Are we outing people now?

Are we outing people now? Why is this, soap-opera, front page news?

Who the fuck is Ron Jeremy?

Leave the guy alone. He comes here and helps (well perhaps) and still gets a load of crap thrown over him for something thats really small potatoes.

Ron Jeremy

Is a porn star that is, um, large in his field of work sorta like Matt is but they probably have different endowments.

I took it off the front

I took it off the front page.

He is probably getting enough worry out of larger concerns than that, although this relates to a story I think I want to post soon.


It's actually getting a bit old as the guy seems to be fairly nice and seems to geniunely want to help yet people zero in on him for everything imagingable just because he's a PR mouthpiece for Google.

Seriously folks, none of us could hold up to that level of scrutiny, not a single one of us and I think we're better off since Matt started keeping us in the loop on his blog and would hate to see people run him offline with all the negativity.

Oh well, what do I know.

Ron Jeremy....Pornstar? Really!

Not all nations understand irony.


Well, it's hard to know who knows what in all those repressed nations out there.

Hard to know what Google censors where you live ;)

Not true.

Ah, Bloglines. It will notice things even though TW has taken them off the main page. :)

wheel, to answer your question, I use the "Almost Spring" theme from However, the version that I downloaded (I have a zip from July 10, 2005) only has the links to the two urls. I re-extracted from the original zip to make sure.

I don't think it would have been bad to clean up the template and remove those links (the template is released under the GPL, and she says that "you are free to modify and mangle as much as you see fit"), but the version that I downloaded didn't have those links. My best guess is that Becca added the two links sometime between July 10th of last year and now.

Thanks for asking about this though. ;)

P.S. But I'll do a post if

P.S. But I'll do a post if it will make you feel better, wheel. :)


Sorry Matt.

I knew full well there were at least a couple of other possibilities (including your having bought the template) when I posted this. I just assumed they were very unlikely, that instead you were making a statement. I know what assume spells, and it suits right about now.

In other good news, the move from the front page to save you public embarrassement is now working in my favour :).

In other good news, the

In other good news, the move from the front page to save you public embarrassement is now working in my favour :).

Not sure how - didn't make you look too good, but glad to see Matt was able to handle it.

No worries, wheel. I would

No worries, wheel. I would have assumed the same thing if I were you. I had to double-check the original zip I had lying around to be sure myself.

Legal Action

You need a good lawyer.
Can I volunteer my.....

good lawyer.

hahaha no such thing ;)


Matt, don't bother with the lawyers, just name and shame all his sites..

(only kidding, only kidding!)

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