Who Needs Page 2?


In an effort to promote their desktop search, Google has added a nifty little logo to the bottom of their search engine results pages that wrap around the navigation to other pages in the results.

The problem - You can no longer click to the second page in the results or any page for that matter. This has been an issue since early in the day and has yet to be fixed. Rough day for businesses relying on second page PPC ads.


Ahhh, I was getting broken

Ahhh, I was getting broken images there this morning but was at least able to grab something to click with enough patience. Now I see the problem in its true glory. Horrible.

Curious though as to why you only mention PPC folks. Did you forget about the poor schlobs who might be on page 2 of organic SERPs? Not that any TW readers are on page 2... ;-)

No problem w/ firefox

On my machine this is just a IE bug. Page 2 works fine in FF1.5, but not in IE. That's a pretty glaring oversite...

yeah, ie only(?) anyway, not ff

see andy beal's blog for the reason it's screwing up

Damn beat me to it

I was about to post the same thing titled "Wow, Google REALLY wants us to download Google Desktop."

How wonderfully annoying.

Works in the Opera browser

It works fine in the Opera browser.

Saddest part

The saddest part is that it has become so routine to me that no matter how many times I run into it, I keep running searches on Google and clicking that space before giving up.

Freaking WMW

I made the mistake of heading over to WMW today and popping into the Google forum. If I was ever unsure of the lot of sheep over there, it was reaffirmed to me by the subtitle of the thread regarding this inability to traverse beyond Page 1 SERPs:

Cannot Access Beyond Page 1 of SERPs: Penalized for not installing Google Desktop?

Yes! That's DEFINITELY it. Google is only showing extended results to the 115 people who have installed Google Desktop Spy. I'm sure that won't impact earnings.

Back away from your desk. Unplug your computer. Find the box it came in. AND MAIL IT BACK!

Add this: "&num=100"

Add this: "&num=100"

- to your default Google search string. In Firefox, enter "about:config" in the address bar, then type "keyword.URL" and change what's there to this:


Then, type (ie. search for) "browser.search.defaulturl" and do the same.

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