ThreadWatch "Cheeky"?


"You can be cheeky, like Threadwatch, or you can be incredibly earnest." - Matt Cutts
According to Matt Cutts, ThreadWatch is "cheeky". I would have put ThreadWatch in the "earnest" category myself.


Definitely cheeky

link - geddit, geddit?

"incredibly earnest"

Scratching my head, cannot think of many really earnest threads at TW.

Nick used to let the odd one on politics run, just to wind people up.

I wouldn't say "incredibly"

I wouldn't say "incredibly" earnest, but TW does tend to get all the notewothy stuff without being bogged down by thousands of "what's anchor text" type posts. I guess I would define it as "condensed".


>>earnest threads at TW.

The favorite tea thread and the I like toast threads might qualify. The tea thread was good if low tech. :)

I've never understood what

I've never understood what 'cheeky' meant. Help.

Round and soft...


there goes Matt Cutts

cheeky: brash: offensively bold; "a brash newcomer disputed the age-old rules for admission to the club"; "a nervy thing to say" -Wordnet

Here goes Matt setting trends again. Spin spin spin. TW is cheeky. By my count Matt's blog has more profanities in the past month or so than TW since Nick took the scenic route to Web2.0

Personally I see Matt as a member of the spell-it-out-plainly crowd, where complexity is approached carefully, one layer at a time. That's fine if it matches your audience, right?

Irreverent, grnidone

Irreverent but in a kind of British schoolboy way, Heather, sticking two fingers up at authority, farting in your general direction, flashing your boobs, outraging decency but disarming at the same time.

cf. "cheeky monkey"
Carry On films (showing my age)
Monty Python

Incidentally, Matt, Google Definitions were crap at this one.


All right while were at it I never quite got the meaning of the word "pants" any of you folk care to help me out?

Thanks for looking it up

Thanks for looking it up John, from that image search I would have thought it was a synonym for "cute" as it's all images of children and pets. And a few pics of people mooning as well, but most of the others are kids and pets.


Claus, I got mostly ass cheeks and monkeys in that search. ...

UK Pants = US

UK Pants = US Underwear

unless they are girls Pants ... then I think they are called Knickers

Aaron, I think he means the

Aaron, I think he means the insult "pants". Pants = crap.


"Noun/Adj. Nonsense, rubbish, bad. E.g."The first half was pants but I stayed until the end and it was actually a great film."

Exclam. An exclamation of annoyance or frustration. From the noun"

Cultural Exchange

Yep I meant the insult version, thanks. So have us folks across the pond influenced your vocabulary in any way?

Two plums in a brown paper bag.

"I've never understood what 'cheeky' meant."

Watch 'The Cheeky Girls' perform and you'll have encyclopedic knowledge of what it means, well at least in Russia you will.

Here's a good explanation of "pants"

Here's a good explanation of "pants"

The author takes it back to "innocent merriment among pubescent youth" over underwear.

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