SEO Haiku Contest


Sum up hundreds of blogs with an age old tradition.

The SEO Haiku contest

What do you win?
Not a damn thing.

It probably would have been much more fun and creative though.

Contest terms announced
Winning such a game could mean
The loser is you


Get early lead now Reveal

Get early lead now
Reveal your spam link networks
Cry into the night

Small players are in
Big seos not joining
Are they scared or smart?

this is addicting :)

It's two a.m. now Bent over

It's two a.m. now
Bent over my dim keyboard
How is my Adsense?

one track mind

I Google Haiku
to see how to write this art
and find a website

with lots of backlinks
and some e-d-u's as well
Can I buy a link?

damn you.


matt cutts shit in wood
search engine blogger spread news
my serps are unchanged

So Sad

threadwatch has many topic
seochat post original joke
threadjacking occur

SEO contests are getting out

SEO contests
are getting out of hand fast
i pray for an end


blog comment on post
next blog comment on comment
blog incest abounds

not a contest, apparently

semanticist said...

Some clarification: Todd posted at TW about a contest, which is a wonderful idea, but this was not the original intent. There is no contest.

Haiku is simply the new content format for SEM|ANTICS. While we read, enjoy, and appreciate your contributions, we haven't jacked any thread, and we haven't tried to steal any thunder from SEO Chat or SEO Refugee. We simply decided to post our daily SEO summaries in haiku format to try to shift some focus to the "art" portion of "black art."

From the link in the original post, I think the contest they were talking about was the v7n seo contest.

no haiku contest but one

no haiku contest
but one emerged anyway
what should be done now?

poster rant and curse drop

poster rant and curse
drop url and call out many
my respect lower

too easy

Another thread joked at WG for being old... nothing personal Greg just playing with the Haiku!

WG is old now
Times have changed; those kids grew up
who knows phentermine ?

continuing that theme....

SEO Rock Stars
Todd and Greg, together now
ink carts and blue pills!

Okay... not intended to piss anybody off. Just joking around!

How about these?

Got a new career
I'm making Sense of AdSense
Garbage in, cash out.

or this more modern one?

Money in aff sales?
Sure, but not the way you think.
Gotta skim the fat.

(ouch!) or finally...

Too much time on hands!
playing silly games too much...
beats writing content?

LOL - Now I know why the Haiku has lasted ages...

Hmmm...these almost sound like...

...great adsense ads:)

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