Blogger takes on blog spam (with a poorly aimed slingshot)


I've been writing a sports-related blog on Blogger now for about 18 months - no advertising on it, never made a penny from it, never intended to, etc. Just me yapping about my favorite teams.

So imagine my surprise tonight as I'm about to post an entry and there's a CAPTCHA on the "Create Post" page. (screenshot on Flickr) So I click the little question link to get more information about this new intrusion, and I get an explanation page saying I have to submit this form so someone at Blogger can manually review my blog -- and if they decide it's not spam, I can post again without the word verification garbage. But they do "sincerely apologize" if it's a "false positive." (screenshot on Flickr)

And ultimately, they want me to read this explanation of WTF is going on, which still doesn't explain how my little blog got tagged as spam. Sheesh....


Push button publishing

If you look at any page on the subdomain, in the top right as part of the header graphic is the phrase "Push-Button Publishing" - hold on a minute, isn't this what the spammers are doing? - using the service as advertised/described :)

I wonder how that works with

I wonder how that works with the XML-RPC interface. I hardly ever publish to my blog using the actual web UI any more.

When Blogger first

When Blogger first implemented this captcha for posting (for selected blogs) there were quite a number of false positives. I didn't realize a manual review was involved -- I thought they were just trying to slow down the spamming via automated blogging.

Many splogs don't have advertising. They exist merely to create thousands of inbound links for the real revenue generating website. Characteristics of a splog might be seemingly scraped text (but that's probably 99% of the blogosphere) and links in every post to your revenue site (again, probably 99% of the blogosphere).

c'mon pleeker.

You can tell us. It really is a spam blog, right? Okay not in the traditional sense, but really, you use it for spam support for your commercial sites? Right? Wink wink? C'mon, pleeker. You can tell us. We won't tell Google!

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