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Here's another one for the SEO sales pitch. Keeping Found Things Found™ is a research project following the ways people save stuff on the web (bookmarking, downloading, tagging, etc). The available data is limited and the sample is heavily biased towards the academic community, but we can till get some numbers to back up the obvious: there is no good way to save what we've found on the web. More than 54% of survey respondants say they will just search for it again.

Looking at the percentage of those surveyed who use each method to save what they found:

Make a Bookmark or Favorite 79.91%
Do nothing to save but search again to re-access 54.20%
Do nothing to save but enter the URL directly 50.94%
Send email to others 43.45
Do nothing to save but access via another web site 40.18
Print out the web page 39.71
Send email to self 35.51
Paste the web address (URL) into a document. 34.58
Save the web page as a file 26.17
Write down the web address (URL) on paper 25.70
Personal Toolbar or Links 23.84
Add a hyperlink to a personal web page 17.29
Use Personal Information Management Software 15.90

Such data reinforces what we may know yet under emphasize: users need help/prompting for bookmarking, email-a-friend, emails-to-self, and "hey, here's a portal page just for you". of course with the push for toolbar installations, it's obvious the big SEs are chasing this monkey themselves.

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Okay, color me confused

Where do services like and My Web and Spurl and such come into play in this study?

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