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DaveN pointed at Calcanis's links at scraper sites.

Remember the whole Jeremy Zawodny selling links blah blah, and people saying that he was just 2 clicks away from adult sites and bad neighbourhoods … well Fuck me Pink… one of Calacanis’ Blogs is linking directly to SCRAPER SITES and Adsense PIMP SITES

With Google having a minority stake in AOL you might think that AOL owned properties might care about search quality. But you would be wrong. Even Google's own properties link into bad neighborhoods.



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Blogger Rule #48 - It's Official

Blogger Rule #48 - Any blogger that isn't living life in a wicker basket and who links out freely and often will, sooner or later, find themselves within two clicks of a lesbian porn site.

(Perfomancing has not covered this yet but they will get to it. Heh, heh.) :-)


I thought google was a scraper site to pimp adwords? ;-)

And he says...

"I’ll look into it. It’s sort of a problem because we sell a lot of text links and we really can’t be policing them."

Heh. At least he's honest about it.

At least he's honest about

At least he's honest about it.


Am sure they initially quoted and sold links to legitimate websites that were later converted to spam ;)

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