MSN AdCenter to Go Live in US byJune


A Forbes article announced that MSN will be 100% switched to their internal AdCenter technology before the end of June.

Microsoft has been testing its ambitious new platform for selling all kinds of online advertising, called adCenter, since last spring. Right now, the company said about 25 percent of the sponsored links that accompany regular search results on its MSN Search site are from adCenter, but that will grow to 100 percent by the time the company's fiscal year ends in June.

The article also references MSN's ad technology lab AdLab.

AdLab is a joint effort between Microsoft's Redmond-based adCenter and experts in its Chinese research lab. Najm said it marks the first time that a Microsoft product group is working so closely with one of Microsoft's research labs, which are typically staffed by researchers who study far-flung, futuristic or just plain quirky technology.

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So forgive me if this has already been touched upon here, but... many folks here have gotten to actually try a campaign with the adCenter, and how have the results been so far?

Some quick thoughts

I'm heading out the door but I've been using MSN adCenter for a few weeks now and my quick impressions would be:

1) The customer service has been great. Even though you always get better customer service as part of a pilot program, the level of folks and response times have been great.

2) Their keyword/keyphrase tool is pretty cool.

3) The Yahoo'ish keyword ordering approval process is kinda weird. If something has been rejected, I just resubmit until it goes through. The instant-on Adwords style would have been nicer.

4) ROI. The CPC's I've been able to get in some verticals I also use Adwords and YSM for have shown better ROI.

5) The increased levels of targetting are nice.

Overall, it's pretty good when you get used to the console. I just wish MSN Search had more reach because, like Ask Jeeves Sponsored Listings, the waters aren't deep enough to do much fishing.

Oilman and I believe Graywolf have also covered this here and on their blogs if you want to dig those up.

After two requests, I got an invite

I just got my adCenter invite last week and will be activating an account this week for our company and a few clients. After I've got things up and running, I'd be happy to share my experiences with you here.

I'm hoping adCenter will offer improved ROI with their targeting methods. Also, I'm hoping they'll be better at catching fraudulent clicks. I recently had the experience of finding questionable activity within Yahoo ContentMatch during the months of November and December...Yahoo found no questionable clicks, but..."we have issued a goodwill credit to your Yahoo! Search Marketing account balance in the amount of $***.**. Please note that although no unqualified clicks were detected on your account, we have issued this credit as a measure of goodwill and appreciation for your business." Yeah, right...wankers!

IE Only

They really need to make it work in Firefox.

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