Hell Froze Over? Every SEO is a Blogger?


So not only does Brett Tabke have a blog in his Robots.txt file, but DaveN, Oilman and Web Guerrilla blog, and I just read blogging tips from Patrick Gavin (and I think he has only made like 3 blog posts ever hehehe).

Patrick's tip? Blogs Make Spammy Domain Names In Vogue Again?


Zen Wisdom

To understand the blog you must be the blog ...

I would hope that every SEO

I would hope that every SEO at least knows enough about blogging to be able to recommend it clients to whom it would be beneficial.

Does that count?

hehehe ...

I have a new blog !!

www.diet-trials.co.uk for all you fat SEO's .. if your a skinny seo you can give me moral support ;)


I gave my diet blog to my

I gave my diet blog to my mom. I will always be fat.

So Dave, is that blog about losing weight or CPC + search volume? :)

losing weight

.. I need to so bad .. lol .


Get sick - I dropped about 5

Get sick - I dropped about 5 pounds over the end of the holidays thanks to a nasty bout with a cough and cold. Easy way to shed some quick pounds.

Tape worm pills...

...are far more effective.

Back on-topic:
I'm pretty sure that every self-respecting SEO is a blogger too (of some sort). Dunno about the-other-way-around. Are there any bloggers AT ALL who are not concerned with their SE placement???


Are there any bloggers AT ALL who are not concerned with their SE placement

The one's who use them as place people come to publicly out competitors websites and report spam ;-)


When someone was boring me or droning on about something I didn't care about I used to use the good old standby dismissive "blah blah blah" but I've replaced it with "blog blog blog" which for the most part accurately describes 99.9% of the sites out there if you catch my drift.

Next time someone is rambling try it out loud "blog blog blog..." and you'll crack yourself up as they'll THINK you said "blah blah blah" as the ear hears what it expects, not what you're really saying all the time.

Now, back on topic "blog blog blog..."


people come to publicly out competitors websites and report spam

Oh, but I bet he's concerned - if only a tiny bit. Right?

And BTW I'd never blog about competitors and out spam LOL (...um...)

How about hundreds of search blogs

Okay, that diet blog is great stuff Dave. Seriously. Looks good too. I bet people would actually read that - not that I'm in the target group or anything.

Anyway, I've got a better link drop here: Literally hundreds of SEO / SEM blogs as well as affiliate, marketing, search engines etc. It would probably be thousands if I published the rest of the lists as well. Btw, Patricks (and Andys) blog has been on the list for a long time - see the online marketing section *lol*

Although BT's robots.txt blog is on the list it's still an exception, as he don't provide a feed. Personally I feel that a feed is what separates a "real" blog from any other CMS with a chronological display of articles.

And on that note I can publish the finding that the overwhelming majority of blogs in the Search Industry (broad definition) use RSS as feed format. There's a pretty big market share for WordPress, as well.

Anyway, I see it's time to reinclude DG, and of course include Jeremy Goodrich as well, so I'll just go and do that.

link checking

hey claus, how often do you run a link checker on that beast?

Now I've seen everything

A diet blog without Adsense. What's this world coming to?

I'm determined not to have a

I'm determined not to have a real blog ;), but now DaveN has two, and even the Gimp has one UKGimp < worth a look just for the logo :) Any SEO's left who don't have or have never tried bloging?

*LOL* John, you won't

*LOL* John, you won't believe how often you have to do it to catch up with all the changes this "bag o' fleas" do.

I just ran another check just because of your post, and I don't know what [a SEO blogger] is thinking about, 302 redirecting his blog like that, but let's assume it's probably just an .htaccess typo - however, he's off the list until he's blogging again :)

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