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Forbes are running a story under the banner "Google Takes Overseas Market Share From Yahoo! " Just looking at the data, I was surprised at the strength of Google in the "Overseas" market compared to the US. Forbes cite comScore who also record Google at 39.8% of US market as opposed to 71.3% of Overseas market. No wonder G is all that matters to my UK sites.

Citing data culled by comScore, Bear Stearns said Google's international market share in November rose to 71.3% from 68.9% in the prior month. Google's growth rate was almost double the rate of that of the entire search industry, the firm noted.

"The bulk of the market share gains came mainly at the expense of Yahoo! and MSN who both lost market share," wrote analyst Robert Peck, in a note to clients.

January 6, 2006 – comScore Media Metrix today released its monthly qSearch analysis of activity across competitive search engines. In November 2005, Google maintained its lead in the U.S. search market with 39.8 percent of all the searches submitted, followed by Yahoo! at 29.5 percent and MSN at 14.2 percent.



I've always found it interesting that Google's share in the US is so low. I cant remember the survey but in Australia Google has about 60=70% of the market. I'm presuming its the same elsewhere, and certainly I see a lot of Google country specific sites in my referal stats.

side note - it may only be

side note - it may only be 1% but 1% is a 20% increase for ask jeeves, congrats to them

Am I alone in thinking

Am I alone in thinking Forbes is making an elementary mistake in presuming traffic=profit? Or are the investors simply writing up their own expectations? :)

Would be interesting to note which "overseas" were included, but Hitwise has already shown the dominance of Google in the UK markets:

That's why Google issues are so acute on the UK SEO-client base.

how to fix this Yahoo

Step 1) Stop redirecting to (the UK is not a subsidiary of the US)
Step 2) get a better search engine :)
Step 3) Profit

record Google at 39.8% of US

record Google at 39.8% of US market

Strange I always hear Google's US market share is lower around 40% when these studies come out, yet when I look at the raw logs for my clients Google still comes in at 60-70% referrers same as the UK numbers from these studies.

Kinda low

For search engines I'm seeing Google @ 50% followed by Yahoo, MSN and somewhere in the toilet Ask.

Yahoo Europe Exit

After Yahoo pulled out of most of Europe their marketshare have just been crap. Its a decition that will cost them for years to come and I am not sure they will ever be in a position to gain it back.

In Norway Google is by far the largest SE, followed by MSN search and ABCSøk (newcomer).

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