IAC Jumps Into Shopping Search


IAC launched Pronto, a boring shopping search service. Using Pronto requires Windows and downloading a 2 MB software file.

I thought since they were entering the market late and requiring a download it might be interesting. I was wrong. I gave it a go and really saw nothing remarkable about it. I don't see anything about it that makes it download worthy.

Via Gary


numbers game

I, to am noticing an increase in the number of proprietary "readers" and "viewers" and "toolbars" and the like. I think it's a numbers game.

The browsers are stable. The web is stable. Broadband is stable. The desktop is stable. So we are back in a growth ramp phase, where the big numbers are in "serving" new and less-savvy users. If XX% of users don't know any better, monetize them and forget the harder prospects.

If XX% of users don't know

If XX% of users don't know any better, monetize them and forget the harder prospects.

I suppose that works right up until someone creates ad supported free global web access.

Some others may try, but I am almost 100% certain Google will do it.

Nothing attracts the low end quite as well as free does :)

Reeks of Spyware

I can just see this thing being bundled with every 'ASK' toolbar, drive by downloads at entertainment.com, etc etc. It is based on a CPA model so is prone to cookies pushing.

I can imagine the threads on ABestWeb already... And/Or the announcements for the big three affiliate networks about how they are making a special exception to their application/adware policies just for Barry Diller.

You know you need to be suspicious when it says 'This is not Spyware' all over their homepage - he who doth protest too much...

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