Google now punted for $2000 a share


The Daily Telegraph , not I will admit the most unbiased of newspapers, is today toying with G reaching $2000 a share for Google

.. could rise to $2,000, according to a leading analyst. Caris & Co, a US stockbroker, said that Google shares, which closed at a record $465 on Friday after the company unveiled its online video library, had the potential to climb faster with the launch of digital services.

So who's for $100k worth of shares, on the off chance?

Maybe explains why Matt is still holding on to his.


math geeks

you know a bunch of math geeks like them might actually think it's funny to wait until the shares are something like 1 googol each before splitting

Nice logo variant

NYT has an article with a nice twist on the logo

Somehow I don't think Mr Cutts will feature it in his blog

$2000?? Is anyone aware of

$2000?? Is anyone aware of what sort of company valuation that would entail?

Someone tell Bill Gates to hurry up and buy Ask. Then we can turn this balloon race into a straight three-way horse race where everyone can feel a winner. Except the shirt-flying analysts.


They'd split the shares well before $2k to keep the face value down.

They'd split the shares well

They'd split the shares well before $2k to keep the face value down.

I doubt it. I think they look at high share price as another way of getting free marketing.

high share price and keeping

high share price

and keeping more short players on the sidelines

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