Google Software Bundle, Google Video Rental Coming Soon


The WSJ has the scoop on what Larry Page will be announcing Friday at CES, video rental and a software package.

Google video rental: Google will be partnering up with television stations like CBS and the NBA to allow people to download videos for a fee.

Google Pack: a software package including pretty much everything but an operating system and productivity suite.

[It] will include the open-source Firefox Web browser, a version of Norton AntiVirus software from Symantec Corp., Adobe Systems Inc.'s Reader software, RealNetworks Inc.'s RealPlayer multimedia software, Trillian instant-messaging software from Cerulean Studios and Lavasoft AB's Ad-Aware antispyware software. Google Pack will also include Google's own desktop search software, Google Earth satellite imaging and maps software, Picasa photo-management software, Google Talk instant-messaging program, its Toolbar add-on for Web browsers and screen saver software.

Wonder why they didn't bundle OpenOffice yet? Surely the value created by partnering with almost every major software company will keep Google on many desktops. I wonder what Yahoo! thinks of this as well. I believe they had a deal with Adobe.



Guess that goes to show you exactly how far behind Google's Talk application really is at this point. You would think that they would push their own IM application, but without such basic features such as file transfer, guess they had to hold off.

Oh - and where is the Gmail address? They should include a Gmail invite/address in this software bundle since the one function that almost all computer users utilize is email.

according to MS that's called a bundle, not a pack.

and man does that sound boring. I thought realplayer died a long time ago!? trillian is good I guess...jeez I hope they have more up their sleeves.

Talk about a non-event

This is what Page comes up with for his first major product launch presentation? He should ask Steve Jobs for a few lessons on making a bit of an impact.

I really hope that it turns out that there's something a bit more exciting than a screen saver in that bundle, lest Larry will find himself talking to empty seats in the future.

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