IPod for Videos & Books?

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Starz offers a new video download service for portable device at Vongo.com. A $10 monthly subscription fee allows you to download an unlimited number of films from their catalog (which currently is a bit limited in size).

Users will be able to download as many films as they want each month to up to three devices, including Windows-based computers and portable devices running Microsoft's Portable Media Center software. (MSNBC is a Microsoft - NBC joint venture.)

A smaller number of films will be available several months sooner for a pay-per-view fee of $3.99. Subscribers will also be able to watch a live, streaming video feed of the Starz TV channel.

Separatley Sony is trying to market themselves as the IPod of ebooks.

Can Sony make the iPod of digital books? That's the plan. At the Consumer Electronics Show on Jan. 4 in Las Vegas, BusinessWeek has learned, the Japanese giant plans to unveil a portable e-reader device for the U.S. The new gadget will let users store and view digital books and will sell for $300 to $500, about the same price range as a full-size iPod.

I really can't see consumers buying a $500 ebook reader, and I seriously doubt many want to buy different devices for movies, music, phone, web and ebooks.


I think a dedicated ebook

I think a dedicated ebook device can florish if it is priced right, has the right features and a reasonable DRM. Sony has no credibility in any of these fronts. After the stunts they have pulled with crippling DRM on CD's, digital music players and the ebook reader they market in Japan Sony's effort is DOA unless they come in with a real good price.

A dedicated ebook reader can succeed only it won't be Sony making it.

(Note: eBookwise already has one which has great ergonomics and a low res but perfectly readable screen for a lot less.)

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