Is Google Testing Ads on Home Page?


Is Google testing ads on the home page, they are if you live in Belarus If you were listening to Danny Sullivan's daily Podcast you also may have heard him talk mention a chat he had with Marissa Mayer where she said they may consider putting ads on your personalized home page (Revisiting The "No Banners On Google" Declaration)

"On the personalized home page, we do know things about you, what weather you're looking for, what stocks, what news. So it's more plausible to me," Mayer said. However, she stressed that there are no immediate plans for ads of any type.

"We're probably a good six months to a year away from even thinking about this. The entire focus now is on building a user base," Mayer said, adding that the top priority right now is to improve the usability of the personalized home page service.

hat tip to John Battelle on on Belarus.


Those ads blow. The page

Those ads blow. The page looks off centered and dumb.

Where is the targeting to them? Imagine what happens to the ROI of the lucky unsuspecting advertiser that gets featured.

It is not a Google site belongs to Belarussian IT-company ActiveMedia. It announced the opening of the site about two years ago and claimed that it has an agreement with Google Inc. for using this domain.


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