Top 10 spot may get german blogger sued


Philipp reports that a german blogger was threatened by a judge who was pissed because a blog post appeared in the top 10 for the court Sozialgericht Bremen.

Censorship and self-censorship has a long history in Germany, which unfortunately did not end 1945, and now the german justice has discovered the blogosphere. An ancient cit comes to mind: "Wehret den Anfängen" (These things must be nipped in the bud) [Cicero, pro Sestio 100].

Philipp thinks that a few links to the intimidated blog should help to tank the Sozialgericht Bremen on Google's SERPs, and I'd say that's well deserved.

Anchor text: "Sozialgericht Bremen"


At the Yale Regulating

At the Yale Regulating Search conference a Google representative said that sometimes the German government would give them a list of URLs to delete from the index without even stating a reason.

It seems to me in many ways the web is moving all pieces toward commercial. If ranking can get you sued then to ensure your speech is free you need to have a bit of flow to defend it.

Honestly, this is

Honestly, this is ridiculous. If a government can edit the SERPs, we're lost in 1984...

Aaron, in some cases "a bit

Aaron, in some cases "a bit of flow" isn't enough. Germany is well known for ridiculous laws trying to rule the so called "German Internet". German judges have even tried to rule US sites in German language, and their treatment of german sites is unbelievable (well, not in China, where every attempt to practise free speech ends in jail). For example, if you forget a link to the imprint on any german Web page, or have an imprint which doesn't fit the german laws --even on a UK site offering services to german visitors--, you should paste up your letter box. Forcing Google and other engines as well to censor the SERPs is just the tip of the iceberg.


... to reality Rand

All government has between getting more and more oppressive in its control of the people for the last twenty years.

This case has nothing to do

This case has nothing to do with the german government. Someone from the "Sozialgericht Bremen" (court of law for dealing with cases in the area of German social services) wrote this letter. And at least in Germany there is a separation between courts of law and the government. After reading "The Search" I would be having more fear about the US government.


Nuremberg was only about getting rid of load of has-beens that had gone terribly wrong and replacing them with a load more that played by our rules. Go figure...

BTW: does that Judge have his own site... ;-)

eJojo, "someone" is the head

eJojo, "someone" is the head of that court. I agree that the US government crosses borderlines in the war on terror, but plain sick actions like that are sooo german. I don't like censorship whereever it occurs.

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