Rumor: Wikipedia to Sell Out?


Wikipedia, Google's favorite content site may carry ads soon.

The combination of ultra-low overheads and massive readership would excite any media executive. And while the site does not carry any advertising, Wales admits it might. "There is a great deal of resistance to the idea, both from the community and from me. But at some point questions are going to be raised over the amount of money we are turning down," he says.

I have seen numerous other open source projects die the minute money was mentioned. Will Wikipedia survive? What happens when article authors realize someone else is making thousands of dollars off their work?

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It's cool to beg...

sorry, personal the tune of 215k and counting...

But, be a true capitalist in the most capitalist country in the world and that's bad?

Wikimedia is a nonprofit organization

It's not selling out, it's changing tax-status.

I have always been curious

I have always been curious about how the non profit car charity sites could afford to pay $5 to $15 a click for traffic.

Non profit is just a tax status. It does not mean that individuals within the company won't make money or that they won't change how they spend or make money down the road.

Everybody wants to provide

Everybody wants to provide free work for large businesses.

Why, only last week, I went to MacDonalds, and helped them grill their burgers for free. Although I wasn't paid, people could see how handsome I looked, and it boosted my ego, so I'll happily return to provide more free services for the company.

I'm sure everybody thinks like that, and I'm sure everybody will want to continue to contribute to Wikipedia once it "changes tax status".


Almost everyone likes to see their name up in lights so it will survive. Hell..vanity publishing actally costs money!

shows over nothing to see

No Ads in Wikipedia Says Wales

Contrary to a news report that circulated in the blogosphere last week, Wikipedia has no plans to implement advertising on its burgeoning consumer generated encyclopedia.

That's according to Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, who told ClickZ News he remains opposed to advertising on the voluminous reference site.

Wales said he was badly misquoted in a Times Online story published last week with the headline, "Wikipedia chief considers taking ads."

He seems to be getting enough money ...

...without advertising. Wikipedia donations page shows that they spend around $750,000 a year, and have raised so far $250,000 in 18 days of ongoing fund raising donationsnt.

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