Ballmers 6 month promise is going to be a bit late on delivery


Looking for something else I can across this old thread from June entitled Ballmer Vows to Match Google Relevancy in 6mts

Microsoft big job Steve Ballmer has another crack at Google saying "in the next six months, we'll catch Google in terms of relevancy".

I was a bit surprised when I went and did some client vanity searches a minute ago and discovered that actually things have changed, but while MSN is now returning lots of pages that mention clients, Google is returning pages about them - ones which actually discuss the product in personal websites etc and not just a load of pages which link to them like MSN are doing....

So sorry MSN but I think you're a long way from catching Google for relevancy, at least on the more specific searches. Perhaps that six month deadline was a little optimistic.....


Not sure I agree

I've been using MSN a lot more lately than ever before because for certain search topics Google couldn't find relevancy with both hands and a flashlight. Even using quotes around a phrase it's no where to be found and TA DA! it pops right up in MSN.

As a matter of fact, it looks like MSN might be be doing a direct phrase match or something for the first couple of results before displaying the rest as finding things in blogs that I've lost track of seems to be much easier to do with MSN.

In Google, it's more of a popularity contest so the most popular sites like WMW or SEW come up first with that combination of words anywhere on the page opposed to showing me the page with the EXACT results.

Also, both MSN and Yahoo seem to be promoting a lot of fresher content opposed to Google's "Good Old Boy" network of ancient web sites with lots of links and I'm finding fresh content quite refreshing opposed to the same sites coming up over and over and over stuck in that Google-rut.

Maybe I'm just one of the few, but I'm finding Google results a wee bit tiresome and repetitive in certain areas of expertise.

Maybe I'm just one of the

Maybe I'm just one of the few, but I'm finding Google results a wee bit tiresome and repetitive in certain areas of expertise.

I appreciate that Google have spam issues they want to address, but the way they've been moving the past year is to create more and more irrelevant results, especially in the longtail.

A particular problem, IMO, is the issue of authority - which leads to far less relevant documents ranking for searches, especially on edu and gov sites. Phrase matching is bloody awful, and makes it very hard to locate docs easily.

My other half isn't normally an internet user, and was trying to track down some artists online. Google would simply return docs that contained any element of the name - she complained that it was completely useless. I had to go to Yahoo! for her.

MSN have have not had a great start, but they are getting better. I was looking at the results this morning and it seems they're still exploring where to set up their balances - seems to be a softly softly approach. A promising future, and hopefully address the balance of competition.


He's an idiot to say that. It just brings attention to the fact that MSN doesn't match Google's relevancy. He'd be better off focusing on what MSN does good now, or to bring more attention to what Google isn't doing good, than to focus on how much MSN sucks.

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