Chitika Payments Delayed Again


I was looking at one of the usual "where is my money" posts at WMW on the subject of Chitika. There was a reference to the Chitika Blog saying that all payments had been delayed . Right enough the November figures have neither been audited nor paid. The more I see of the goings on at Chitika, the unhappier I am.

we are currently running into unexpected delays in our monthly audits for November. We are aggressively working on completing the audit process as soon as possible. We apologize for the delay and we are hoping that we will be able to complete and finalize the November audits over the next two weeks.

Happily I don't use them.


I removed them when the

I removed them when the audited payments stripped all of my money away.. went back to Adsense and made the money back. I suggest others do the same!

Chitika good for Adsense Alternate ads

Chitika still has a higher CPC than Adsense. And it's much better to show Chitika ads than Google PSA's.

I would remove the main chitika ads from my blog and use them as alternate ads for the adsense program.

What a great way... piss off your distribution channels in a hurry.

Chitika is Fraud

Chitika is a FRAUD, I am a victim of them , First they deducted 57% of my earnings in Audit and next month I received a mail that my traffic is Fradulent however I am being paid by Adsense for the same traffic, This is really ridiculous, My traffic is 100% legit and I had offered them to have my server logs and prove my site clicks as FRAUD,Moreover I had referred 14 publishers to them, If they really have a legit reason to boot me out why are they not responding to my questions, the help ticket is wiating for a answer since last 8 days??? I am a international publisher, and I am unable to take legal action against them. I pray GOD Chitika pay for their actions.

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