Guerrilla Warfare in SEO Contests


Everbody rembers the Nigritude Ultramarine contest from a few years ago, well the concept is coming back, and with a plot twist. V7N is running the contest and giving out a cash prize of $1000 to the winner. To enter you have to link to V7N.

However Webguerilla is going to throw a big monkey wrench into the works (sorry for the bad pun). He's offering the same prize money to the top 5 SERP's provided you don't link to V7N. For the full scoop check out Web Guerrilla's blog.

post was edited to reflect WG's corrections


No I'm not!!!

I guess I shouldn't post when I'm on vacation and I've had a couple cocktails. The deal I'm offering is the same deal being offered by V7N.

1st - $1000.00
2nd - $500.00
3rd-5th - $100.00

I think that adds up to a total of $1800.00. And that's assuming all my non-linkers take all five spots. (Which better be the case).

Edited post

I edited the top post to reflect WG's comments. My bad for misunderstanding the original post. Guess I shouldn't start threads after midnight ;-)

link qualification

provided you don't link to V7N

You forgot to mention that you must also link to the non-www version of Matt Cutts Blog. Wouldn't want anyone to get disqualified for forgetting;)


Well since the boys called me out on Rockstars for threadjacking, thought I'd leave a little something to make them visit the source ...

How About a Google Bomb

Well, it appears that John Scott says you can link to his site any way you choose. So how about we Google Bomb him? I propose the phrase "Giant Toad" as the anchor text. :)

How about some clarity

Hiya Jill, Greg, et al,

Greg said that he's doing this because "I also think it is pretty lame to use a contest like this just to build links to your own site."

However, if it were my intention to build links/pagerank, I doubt I would invite the contestants to use JavaScript of the nofollow attribute in the link. To quote myself, "the link can be JavaScript. Or it can have a nofollow attribute. It just has to be human-clickable"

It's my opinion that Greg just wants to hijack the publicity that the contest has gotten from bloggers and some forums.

Either way the contestants win. And it's all cool by me.

And, Jill, Giant Todd? What's that all about? :P


Sounds like an adult plaything to me :-?


Toad, not Todd! It just had a nice ring to it! :)

>>Now I may be a nice,

>>Now I may be a nice, generous person, but I'm not giving away money for free.

John - using javascript or nofollow etc is the same as giving away the money for free...

hmmm - maybe I'll sponsor as well....;)

and I like 'Giant Todd' ;)


Oilman, I don't need links to keep the forum active. I need traffic. That's why we started this. And I knew that somebody would try to portray the contest as an evil PageRank scam if I didn't explicitly state that we are not after SE-indexable links. For that reason, we stated from the beginning of the contest that the contestants are free to format the link however they want. And when asked how I prefered the link, I suggested to the contestants that they use JS or nofollow.

Yes, it would be a lot more fun for busybodies if I had required an SE-indexable link, and perhaps required a min. PageRank, but I didn't. Sorry to disapoint.

w00t! 4 133t eZi0 h4X0rs

Hoo boy. Now we have a community of SEO skillzXors. From that forum:

...was "nigritude ultramarine". It was an interesting concept which didn't really reveal anything new - the winner was the guy with the most links. A pretty much foregone conclusion, but one that finally put an end to the "optimized copy" / "seo copywriting" school of thought.
I think that SEO is more of a professional practice now than any time in the past. In the past, SEO was nothing more than simple Google bombing. Nowadays you have to pay attention and spend more than a couple hours reading SEO forums to understand search engine optimization.

Yawn. John Scott says he's trying to "goad" some "seo's with balls" into the competition. Greg made it a bit easier, but there is really only one way. PRIZES. Cash is good, but flash is so much cheaper. At this stage the key phrase is everything for this guys promotion. As with the NG contest, this might get interesting towards the end.... otherwise big yawn.

Well, I just gave you a

Well, I just gave you a straight crawlable link John (Scott), all for free and not planning to win anything. Just because you've got a RSS feed in your forum.

I feel tempted to announce yet a third flavour. Of course targetting the exact same keywords, but starting three months or more (perhaps even a year) after the V7N competition is over. The winner will be the page with the highest average rank over the next two-three years. Or, perhaps just the one that is #1 on average in a consecutive period of six months, three years after the competition has ended?

Now, that would be a SEO competition. It's not announced yet, though. If I do announce it, it will not be in a very public place, it will be a long time after everyone has forgot the competition and I will not want any links at all.

ok - couldn't help it :) I'm

ok - couldn't help it :) I'm matching Greg's dollars and terms. More info on my blog.

And I knew that somebody

And I knew that somebody would try to portray the contest as an evil PageRank scam if I didn't explicitly state that we are not after SE-indexable links.

Well I think we are happy it isn't a PageRank thing. Well I'm off to buy a Bluefind/Sevenseek link for the "traffic".

What's the Deal?

Has Google infected us with their phoney corporate moralizing? Why have we become all moralistic over V7N coming up with a scheme to gain links and/or PR and/or traffic? So long as the check doesn't bounce more power to them.

And sure, if WG and oilman can Threadjackâ„¢ some of that PR (the other kind) mojo fine for them too. Personally I'd like to see hundreds of these contests all happening at the same time just to see what it does to the SE's. hehheh.

hey claus, how abut getting Aaron involved?

Why not up the ante yet another level... and give an award for the person with the highest number of conversions from all that SERP power? Track affiliate sales of the SEO Book over the same time frame as claus' rank contest. If the term is bland enough, the traffic will be web marketing related.

Oilman - you may feel famous, but few are famous enough to not need to drop a link when self-referencing ;-) That goes double for canadians lol.

I'm With Brad

It's getting to the level of ridiculous now that we're obsessing over who links what how to where and who's getting good link juice how. Brings to mind puppets on a string.

I'd love to see this type of contest (which is a GREAT idea btw) explode in numbers and blow the serps wide open.

Good one John Andrews, but

Good one John Andrews, but what's in it for me? *lol* My suggestion wasn't aimed at selling anything at all, getting links or anything - only long term skills. Perhaps we could do something with an NGO/charity or something... Dunno, have to think about it, but it's a good point that conversions would be just as interesting as ranking itself.

Gotta go, I'll be back next year. Happy New Year everyone.


I like the idea of spreading

I like the idea of spreading visibility for a charity. Would be cool if we did one for something like Amnesty International.

and another one...

for a secondhand ibook

I'm not sure, NU was fun, and if people enjoy these too then thats good but there still 200,000 pages in google for NU which are effectively just spam, and that can't be a good thing.

(btw - Google have now stopped asking if you mean 'negritude ultramarine' I notice)


John, don't worry about Greg, your stunt must be working. I had forgotten I had known about V7N until I saw this post. ;)

All someone needs to do is

All someone needs to do is find a way to combine an SEO contest with a million dollar homepage and we'll be set

Peter, it's been better than

Peter, it's been better than we had hoped for. If Greg hadn't pulled his little stunt, the contest would have been just another not-so-newsworthy SEO contest. It's already paid for itself, so we're happy.

SEO for charity, huh? Aaron, you're changing. The idea is, uh, offensive.

Someone who ranks for "unethical SEO" wants to hold a contest?

Awwwww come on. I've been in this game for years and picked up the phone and called boser last night to wish my buddy a Happy New Year...and I get wind of this funny thing he's done.

John Scott is not a respected person in this community, never has been...never will be. Do I understand that his forum is dying and he's doing this for traffic? Why anyone would give this person the time of day is beyond me.

However, Greg...DO YOUR THING BABY!

John, the day you think you can out match the day you seal your own fate. Do you not even know who he is?
To pun his last name and call him Poser...shows your lack of knowledge in this arena. Meaning the SEO community and one of the original SEO's in this space.

He'll have fun with you and I'll enjoy watching it.

Jill, are you sure "Big Toad"????
There are so many that come to mind.

Ok, enough rant...but for those who don't know...John has taken care of ranking for whatever he can:


>>That goes double for canadians lol.

body blow ;)


John Scott is...

John Scott is not a respected person in this community, never has been...never will be.

It's interesting to hear from everyone and hear the players call who is who. But no matter where you put people in the pecking order - even on the shit heap, it would be boring only to hear from so called 'angels' or 'true saints.'

Reply if you have not learnt something from JS!

John Scott is not a

John Scott is not a respected person in this community, never has been...never will be.

I respect and like him and WG both.

I would prefer if we did not let this thread turn into a why I hate person X or why person X hates person Q

Community Issues...

I've never learned anything from JS except that it pays to screen shot your interaction with him. SEOBook...not a hate thread...but indeed support for WG and a sound warning for those who would be involved with JS. PM me and I'll give you some details or drop me an email.

yet another contest all

yet another contest

all these contest people come out of the woodwork at once or what?


So does anyone know what the keywords are? Apparently you have to register at JS's forum to find out? Not really interested in doing that.

I believe the contest does

I believe the contest does not start until the 15th.

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