Google & Hijacking - Fix it or have it Explode on the Forums

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Default Come on Google, Fix it !!!
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This post threadlinked above went out on Friday - it's a general plea to Google to fix the problems they're having with Hijacking right now.

I've seen this first hand, so trust me when i say it IS a problem.

Dave has threatened to hit the forums and tell everyone how to do it properly if they dont pull their fingers out and get with the program:

when will this madness stop... next month i might just hit all the forums on how to do it properly !

If you can't fix it pay someone Too !

and he could to...


DaveN for pres ;)

Go Dave go!

On a more serious note I guess the kids gloves are off for G. I'd love to see some stats as to which SE's the players are using/migrating to.

BTW been out of the game for 11 months -- so take my comments witha pinch of something...


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