Guardian goes "Blackhat"


The (UK) Guardian newspaper decides that it too can do this "SEO thing".

After detailing cutting-edge techniques such as adding keywords to metadatas, hidden text and the use of "Britney Spears", it decides to boost its own fake site to the top of the SERPs.

Having chosen the competitive field of "eco-friendly flip-flops", the cunning technology desk manages to top the results (it remains unclear whether the authority of the Guardian was, erm, compromised in any way).

It is understood that the owners are now considering adding an "online poker" supplement to the liberal rag...


nice imagery, but...

It is known as the Google dance, a delicate struggle between technicians at the world's largest internet search engine and the spin doctors who manipulate the worldwide web for commercial ends.

How, exactly, did they arrive at this definition? It would be a great opening line, if only it had a shred of accuracy.

stupid sandal wearers

blimey, they came top for a term with 11,500 results. I didn't realise this SEO business was so easy. I love their 5 ways guide, I shall incorporate it in all of my sites immediately.

Loving the comments on the "journalist"'s blog

Nice definition of blackhat

Most are legitimate businesses, but some so-called "black hat" SEOs use unethical strategies to boost their clients.

Using the term 'unethical' is a load of crap. Blackhatters generally speaking are those that do things outside the guidelines of the SE's. So? Who the hell put the SE guidelines up as the beacon of morality?


How hard is it to rank a page about "eco-friendly flip-flops"?

People need to start backing off Google or the only thing that will be left in their index is AOL and Wiki!!!

(Yes, and I will try to stop bitching also)

Merry Xmas!

How hard is it to rank a

How hard is it to rank a page about "eco-friendly flip-flops"?

A link from the guardian would make it that much easier ...

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