Spammers Xmas Shopping Lists


NotSleepy has done some great investigating and found the Amazon wishlists for a number of people in the Search industry. Included are: Jim Boykin, Andy Beal, Aaron Wall, Jensense, Matt Cutts, Todd Malicoat, Chris Pirillo, Sergey Brin & Jeremy Zawodny.

Funniest items have to be Jason's "SEO for dummies" and Zawodny's "The Clitourist : A Guide to One of the Hottest Spots on Earth"!!


If we took up a collection

If we took up a collection and bought matt the guitar do you think he'd spend less time looking for spam wensites ;-)

had a moment of panic

Phew....had a panic attack when I saw my name...glad I hadn't put all the sex toys and kinky books on that list...hehe....didn't even know that list was public. btw, about 1/2 of those books I've already bought and read...not sure why they're still on my wish list.


I didn't even know I had a wishlist. I do remember that soap opera book because I was planning to get it for my mom a couple years ago. I haven't watched a soap opera since high school, although I do admit to watching the occasional Maury if I'm taking a break ;)

I second Jen's comment - I

I second Jen's comment - I forgot about the wishist :)

And what's wrong with SEO for Dummies ? LOL
I guess it's time to update the list

Thanks for the reminder...

...that everything is logged into the "database of intentions".
Let this be a lesson to you all:)

>update the list
definitely, now that I know someone was looking at it...;)

Just having fun...

and I hope I didn't offend anyone. I see that Andy has already removed his wishlist and Jeremy deleted the 'Clitourist'. Hey, it sounded like an interesting book to me. :) I guess if my blog disappears from the Y! index we'll know what happened to me. :)


Thank goodness the 2 wishlists that show up for my name are NOT me! Although the PS2 dancemat that one of the other Jill Whalen's want does look kinda cool! ;)

Huh. I guess I am a total,

Huh. I guess I am a total, utter, complete geek. Did anyone else secretly want a copy of "Poor Man's Explanation of Kalman Filtering: Or How I Stopped Worrying & Learned to Love Matrix Inversion"?

It's a sad, sad world. I may add some porn or something just to spice things up. I started to add the Clitourist, but looks like it got mixed reviews. Hmm.


...I shouldn't have promoted MY wishlist on sites using nofollow...

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