Matt's Christmas Carol


Sung to the tune of Jingle bells

Dashing through the plex, all the bells are ringing,
I hear you asking why, Its because Matt Cutts is singing,
He is on a mission, to remove more scraper sites,
Nothings going to stop him, till he's finished tonight.

Jingle bells, Yahoo smells, Ask has gone away,
MSN have tried their best and they are here to stay,
Jingle bells, Searchking smells, I wonder who is next,
O what fun it is to work for google in the plex,

dum de dum de dum...... :)


Mick, You really should

You really should stick to taking photos :)
Are there really still scraper sites left?

I bet I can make 'em faster

I bet I can make 'em faster than he can bake 'em :-)

Kind of cute but the comment

Kind of cute but the comment on SearchKing kind of ruined it for me. Bob Massa literally almost died over that one.


but I hate it when I get a tune in my head all day.

**cking excellent Mick. Now

**cking excellent Mick. Now that's a carol I wouldn't mind being played while I shop!

I can't get it out of my

I can't get it out of my brain! Make it stop! I'm going to have to circle around on scraper sites just to exorcise it..

"Sorry hon, no Christmas presents for you. Someone made up a self-fulfilling Christmas song, and now I have to work today."

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