Overture View Bid Tool to Die?


With the January 18 SERPs update to a cleaner look will Yahoo! also be updating the underlying ad system to operate like Google AdWords?

One of the things they mentioned in the update email is sending more traffic to advertisers. I am not sure if the use of CTR as a bid factor will come into play then, but eventually it will. When it does the Overture View Bid Tool will likely be no more.

If and when the view bid tool goes away there will be no more free open pay per click price indicators from the large scale PPC networks. What tools do you use to look at the price or depth of a market then?

Does the market becoming less transparent present a marketing opportunity for another player?


I'm trying to think of a way

I'm trying to think of a way to pull data if the Overture tool didn't exist... It certainly would not be easy. Google obviously has their "suggested bid" to receive max traffic on a new keyword, but that would be much more speculative and inaccurate...

Let's hope Yahoo! keeps it - that business intelligence is invaluable to marketers.

I have come up with 2

I have come up with 2 ideas:
- Scrape the serps to see how many bidders there are for a term, to determine interest level in a term.

- Program a bid tool ( I am sure there is one out already ) to adjust bids and test the results to see where you end up in the layout order then guestimate that adsense spend of everyone else from that.

As an aside... Anyone got the link where you just search for adsense ads ? I can't find that to save my life and that would be a lot easier to scrape for this.

thanks :)

thanks :)

My issue with scraping the

My issue with scraping the number of advertisers is that in many fields there are a couple idiots at the top who gladly overpay and then the rest of the market can be way cheaper, with many ads going for cheap and/or primarily being purchased as an arbitrage opportunity. Just counting the number of ads really does not help determine the legitimate depth of a market, and if one of the dumb people overbidding at the top fall out you could end up creating content for a niche where there is not much of a business model.


I agree completely.. its certainly not a great measure by itself.

The only thing I can think of that might be fairly reliable is spending money on the terms to set up fake campaigns to see what price range you might be in for a group of keywords. Test the water, record the results and cancel the campaign.

I really think secret bidding where the auctioneer is the seller as well is bullshit. I can't beleive that larger advertisors don't make more of a stink about it.

I can't beleive that larger

I can't beleive that larger advertisors don't make more of a stink about it.

well I think the reason more people do not complain is that they probably think that they are the ones getting the deal and doing better than their competitors.


They'll probably end up charging for the bid tool service (if they want a bit of easy money).

This might put wordtracker

This might put wordtracker out of business. Or help wordtracker. I'm not sure which.

Thing with wordtracker is that the only really legitimate search entity they pull their data from is Overture. All of the other engines they pull data from are teeny tiny and not often used by the public.

Could you clarify grnidone..

Could you clarify grnidone.. are you talking about the bid tool or the traffic tool ?

I think both Y! and G want

I think both Y! and G want to provide suggestion tools...my point was that the bid prices are going to be much harder to find

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