Introduce Yourself Part 5


Welcome to Threadwatch, if you've not said hi, please do so here. We've been through 4 of these threads (1, 2, 3, 4) already, and have somehow even managed to lose the first one (I think it was around moving the site to a new sever when the database crashed).

Tell us what you do, drop your website url if applicable but please don't go mad on self promo :)

If you have any questions, just use the 'privmsg' link above. You can usually get a reply from me within a few hours most days.

Thanks and enjoy!


Hi, I've been a regular here


I've been a regular here for 12 months I guess but I don't think I have introduced my self yet.

I'm a Brit who for the last 2 months has had the luxury of working for my London office from the comfort of my lovely flat in Melbourne (with balcony, sunshine, sea air, etc). Really can't complain. Do you think there's any other industry where so many people work in there underwear? (apart from the very obvious!)

If any other TWers in Melbourne want to hook up for a beer drop me a PM.


New to threadwatch

Hey all!

The "how to post" is a bit confusing, so I hope with any luck this ends up in the correct place.

I'm from Montreal, Canada eh! LOL
I run a small (for now) network of blogs you can check out at

I hope to learn alot here, and give back to the community as much as I learn.

If anybody is interested in some link trades, (either reciprocal or 1 >> 2 - 2 >> 3 is ok by me), you can hit me up by email at ceweblogs |AT|

The Reverand

Greetings from Colorado

I'm coming to Threadwatch after seeing Aaron's post about buying the site. Currently, I live over at Cyclelicious.

welcome to TW Phil and

welcome to TW Phil and Richard

Greetings from DC

Hello all. New to Threadwatch and look forward to communicate with all fellow online marketers.

My first Day


I'm new to Threadwatch. I was searching google for advertising to help promote my free listings directory and came accross this little gem.

I would welcome any comments from fellow web promotors and marketers.

Oh and my website is




I've been a regular here for 12 months I guess but I don't think I have introduced my self yet.

I'm a Brit who for the last 2 months has had the luxury of working for my London office from the comfort of my lovely flat in Melbourne (with balcony, sunshine, sea air, etc). Really can't complain. Do you think there's any other industry where so many people work in there underwear? (apart from the very obvious!)

If any other TWers in Melbourne want to hook up for a beer drop me a PM.


Howdie from Me

Im new here referred from - i run a small web design firm (est 1999) and am into all the usual designer dooings :)

if anyones in the north and wanna website or web development then give me a buzz (update coming soon to a much more swanky design i promise)


Ive been visiting for a while, but never really had anything to say until now. I am the CTO of a web marketing company in Research Triangle Park (Durham, NC).

Welcome to threadwatch

Welcome to threadwatch trooperbill

russvirante I might know you are you from Texas ?


Not from texas, North Carolina. I assume you are from texas?

No a competitor of mine does

No a competitor of mine does and he works in Research Triangle at an SEO company.

More introductions.

Lots of time for SEO, very little time for forums but have eventually found a minute or two to sign up here. Doesn't say a lot, does it?

Hello everyone!

Hopefully I can add some balance and new prosective. I've been reading for a while, decided to finally sign up on yet another forum, man am I over extended on forums.

Hi Bud and arhg welcome to

Hi Bud and arhg
welcome to TW :)


Hello All,
I'm dutifully following procedure as emailed and introducing myself. Not really a forum or blogger addict. Simply, I signed up here to find someone who takes search of relevant information seriously (in ALL regards) with whom I can partner, of sorts, and truely market my client's websites. I deal with small businesses, startups, (approx 17,000,000 and growing in the U.S. alone) and those businesses not really savvy to computers and the internet. As a designer (by far, not a marketer), I have an obligation to them and hopefully I'll find some SOLID relevant information here.


Hello from Manchester (UK)

Hello all,

I've been visiting TW with increasing frequency for a while now and thought it was about time to sign on the line and join. Have found a real wealth of information, not just here but from editors' pages too, already. They've really helped me understand and unravel some of my seo howlers from the past and keep an eye on current issues. I'll try to participate as much as possible, but I also know when to keep quiet if my knowledge of something is patchy. Thanks for letting me be here.


welcome to TW Vladimir &

welcome to TW Vladimir & Mike

Hello from RDU

I've know Aaron for some time now, and I read TW and SeoBook all the time. My company has launced a search marketing division,, and we are seeing great results our first week. Although I'm not a big poster, you will catch me here and there making comments that I feel provide value. I'm not big into posting just to post. I'm also looking for a woman in my area of Raleigh, NC who will make me fresh vegetable juice every morning and keep the house clean. Is that asking too much?

Hello from Brazil

It's great to be a member. Love the articles.
Keep it up.


I've had Threadwatch on my RSS reader for a while now, and just today got motivated enough to register so I could post something. I currently work at a startup here in the Washington, DC area called Trufina ( ).

'allo 'allo!

I run a small marketing agency. Specialize in branding, messaging, positioning and Marketing 2.0. Doing work for publicly traded US firms.

Cheers from Seattle.

Tired of being slapped silly

I am an ecommerce website owner. (Actually 2 sites trying to relate one to the other) Seems I’ve been slapped silly from poor seo work done nearly two years ago, and continued seo phone solicitation.

This is my form of rebellion… to come see if I can glean information for myself, without being gouged for it. After reading behind Andy, I decided to put a tentative toe in the waters of seo comprehension. Pardon me while I listen, and try to figure out how to increase traffic to a little know niche gift shop among behemoth corporations dominating the gift industry.

in good company

Cruets you're in the right place. Lots of smaller outfits competeting with the big budgets. In fact, I may be wrong but my intel suggests the founder of this site (Nick Wilson) might know a few things about gifts on the web :-)

mm introduce yourself..

Been around a while but never seem to get enough time to read and post as much as I would like in any forums, let alone TW, just lately.

My day job is building sites with a splash of SEO thrown in and my non-day job is mostly helping the wife with her wedding websites, and

Hoping to break away from the day job next year though :)

Troll comes in from the cold....

Like many others, I've been a long time TW reader who finally decided to register to respond to a particular post. I run a Search Engine Optimization and Web Analytics Consultancy primarily focused on the Italian Market. C'e' qualcuno per un aperitivo?

Sean Carlos

I spend about 25% of my time online. WOW


Life has become so surrealistic nowadays. My name is Guru and I am hooked on to the net for a major part of my free time.

I wonder whether all of this will be worth it. But I am having fun anyway.

On a serious note, I have my own website which I use regularly and so do about a bunch of my buddies and collegues.

I read and search for exciting stuff like cold fusion, alternatives to everything, build your own airline and stuff like that.

I have my own theory called "Gravitational Electrical Effects", GEE for short which if applied successfully in a lab would create a teleporting machine.

Well, I am here to do the usual, share my thoughts with others.


Welcome to ThreadWatch

Hey guyfrom2006. In this environment, things like :

get questioned for their intent. Misplaced decimal, or marketing speak for merely 100k hits (not visitors nor uniques) per year made to look like 1 million? Just curious ;-)

Oh, and did I forget to say Welcome to ThreadWatch?

I am avid reader &

I am avid reader & contributor. When I am not posting here and on digg I am working on my organic seo weblog.

Props to Aaron Wall on a great score in You have given me one more thing to do each day - thanks alot ;)

My First Post

I get Threadwatch via RSS on My Yahoo. I currently work for a lead generation/affiliate marketing company. I also have a blog on SEM at

Clearing up confusion


We recently launched our new search engine:

I've joined up so I can respond to a post made by one of your users that is not correct.

Looking forward to contributing ...


Hello from the future!

Just wanted to travel back in time and watch the birth of the Internet as it morphs from its algo roots into its human roots.

The Matrix (Google) does lose out in the end if you're wondering. Never sure if I should give the ending away or not.


Brush yo shoulders off

Been lurking at around, reading RSS by the pound, finally decided to come out of the obscurity closet. Most recent project was SKY Sotheby's Real Estate in Sarasota, Florida.

Just started my web 2.0 - ish blog here:

Time to make myself known in the SEO realm. Been on WMW for ages. Currently live in Sarasota, Florida, USA - can't beat the weather! Right now looking to find my next BIG opportunity.

Finally here!

i was lost somewhere on my here...but finally managed it! so anyone here with the red carpet??


Short time reader, first time poster.

What's up. I have been reading the posts on here for a while but only recently joined so I could comment on a story.

One thing that turned me off about the site is the Google ads that came up at the beginning of the posts. Once Aaron took it back over they seem to have stopped but I still see them sometimes. If anyone is listening you need to get rid of the big Google ad block that shows up at the top of posts sometimes. Its a huge turn off for readers, at least it was for me.

just a reminder that you can

just a reminder that you can turn off advertising by going to my account --> edit --> advertising

I nuked the AdSense

I nuked the AdSense ads...they were annoying me too.

there are still a bunch of other fixes I need to make too.

Hi Everyone.

Just wanted to say hello. Came here cause I heard Aaron took over.

I own an SEO company and a company that makes a wild SEO content tool called Webspinner. That URL is

Glad to be here!


Hello from Northern Virginia

Hi all I am new member, that is interested in learning more about the industry and the information on the different providers that offer services in the internet industry.

Greetings from Milwaukee

I am glad to have stumbled upon your forum. I am an in-house SEO/SEM for a big fortune 500 company, and I also do some recreational SEO/SEM on the side.... I am a regular SES conference attender and enjoy it a lot. I will be around... Thanks.

greeting from Ohio

I found the threads on hidden links interesting, but I'm not seeing definitive answers on alternatives or proper ways to handle legitimate usage of them (i.e. accessibility links). I'm hoping someone can give some real guidance on this.

I'm trying to keep on top of SEO guidelines as well as usability best practices, but they seem at odds on a few points and I'm hoping this group can give good guidance on both.


London-based SEO leap of faith!

Hi there,

I've finally registered! Now the fun begins :O)

To introduce myself, I'm a London-based SEO/IA/Developer. Hoping to become more acquinted with you as time goes by. My favourite site: - for reasons of inner and outer peace.

Best wishes

Cheers from Poland.

Hello everyone,

I've found TW just today, browsed a bit, and I think it will be great source of knowledge.

I like books, especially sci-fi and fantasy, and comic strips with Garfield. Of course, I enjoy Internet too :). One link from sites that I value the most: I'm coauthor of homepage at


Hello from Canada

Hi all... decided to stop by and take a look after hearing so much about this place from SEW.

I'm an in-house web marketing for a leading Canadian online pharmacy. I've been at it for close to a year now and wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for the quality forums and blogs I've stumbled on throughout the past 12 months. Thanks!!


new to forum but not SEM

Hi everyone. I've been involved with SEO & PPC management for about 5 years now and have never posted on any forums. Awful huh? I guess I've always just been too busy! I always read them, just never post. I finally decided that it's time to start joining in on the conversations! So hello! :)

WMW Refugee !

Hi Guys
looking for pastures new
Regards to all from England


I'm a manager of advanced technology for Verizon I've done years of research and development for the company, and I have a handful of patents pending. I perform SEO for SuperPages, and have done so for many years, since I first conducted research in the company on the subject in 1997.

That's the end of my blah, blah, blah, I guess. You can view my CV and other irrelevant personal details at

Pseudonyms, Alter-egos, Names & an Introduction

Howdy doody, all. I've been around these parts for some time now, and had an account at one point attached to an old pseudonym which is no longer in effect.

As long as I'm not called "Habhi" or "Habib", we're cool.

I do in-house SEO these days in addition to my own shenanigans on the side. My biggest problem these days is negotiating between making my blog more professional vs. making a blog that's more self-entertaining & appreciably offensive. Such is life.

Great to be here! Thanks Aaron & co--looking forward.

Good to see ya Abhilash

Good to see ya Abhilash :)

Good posts so far Silver.

Nice to see all the new TWers joining up recently.

Greetings from Gloucestershire

I've been reading here for some time now, so I registered. I run my own software company and spend the rest of my time enjoying and promoting Gloucestershire

Hi Eddie

Long time no see. Welcome to TW :)

Thank You

It is nice to be here.

Hello TW

I've been working on SEO for one site at a large corporation for about 5 years. Trying to start some non-corporate SEO side projects right now. And attempting to leave lurking behind me and become a true contributor to all the SEO forums I read.

Lasik Nonprofit ROI

I'm Glenn Hagele and I am the Executive Director of the nonprofit We are a Lasik patient advocacy and Lasik surgeon certification organization.

My situation is especially challenging because we do not get paid for the service we provide. No pay per click, impression, not even patient referral. Our ROI is providing free patient information, so many of the expensive SEO techniques are out of our reach.

What we do have is content. Excellent content. Our prime keyword is "Lasik" where we float in the 30s - 40s in Google. More defined terms such as "Wavefront Lasik" or "Lasik Flap" we are in the top five-ish.

Any ideas on how we can improve are greatly appreciated, both in the forum and direct via email.

Hello World

Love TW sofar, strange i didnt found it sooner.

sebastian up in this mutha' fu_ _'a

greetings. I recognize a lot of names from the Search Engine Watch and WebmasterWorld forums over the years. As much as I try to duck networking it seems our industry is still pretty small. David Wallace, Marcia, Danny, Aaron ...on and on.

Anyway - greetings to the group - long-time reader but never joined.

Go Braves!
Baseball Tickets - my little piece of link aid

Hey now

Finally came over after seeing Aaron link here a million times. :) Just trying to learn some things and figure out hwo to improve my site.


Hello from Nebraska ;)


hi everyone!
& how are well all on this fine day?
thought i drop in and register!

Have Click Fraud...Will Travel

I'll be posting and responding mostly to click fraud issues and other advertising issues as well as SEO related items.

I am the founder of VeriClix, the free click fraud detection service.

Hi to all

Came over from Matt Cutt's blog and recognise a lot of names from editors at Search Engine Watch.

I am SEO manager for a large and well-know travel web site and I'll be posting about SEO issues and to test general consensus about preferred strategies.

Hello from me

My name's Evan Prodromou, and I'm a programmer and writer from San Francisco who relocated to Montreal, Canada a few years ago. I started an open content Web site called Wikitravel ( with my wife Maj. I'm mostly interested open content, Web standards, community and social software. I think UEO (user experience optimization) is the best SEO.

I know nothing...

(spoken in the style of Sargent Schultz)

I really know very little about this SEO stuff but I am keenly interested in getting better ranking for my sites, so after a few weeks lurking here I am! This place looks like it has a few smart people in it :)

Newbie to here

What's up everyone. I'm a newbie to this site, but it's pretty awesome, so I'll likely be a regular. Figured I would register and give it a shot.

Greetings and Salutations

My interest in SEO is a result of having to write scripts on some of my sites to keep links spammers from posting links to Viagra and Cialis all over my forums. Once I fugured out how to stop these posts - I had to figure out why these spammers would go to so much trouble and if these techniques actually worked. Long story short, I heard about this site on a search podcast.

I come from the display advertising space. For the past few years - I worked for an ad network that was recently aquired by the companies nemesis. I have been fortunate to be able to work with most of the top sites on the internet. I now work for myself on a network of content sites.

Hello from New York

I have been coming to threadwatch on and off throughout the last couple of years and just decided to sign up today after meeting Aaron at PubCon. Great site and hopefully I will be able to add some insight here.

Old Dog From Minneapolis

I have been around various SE forums for many years.
Aaron and Shri tucked me in at Pubcon : )

that was like 5am hehehe

Good to see ya again Minnapple :)

Greetings from another Newbie!


My name's Alasdair and I run a small, but fast-growing search technology company called Adprecision ( based in the UK. We specialise in building technology tools for marketers to handle large numbers of keywords and to automatically write unique and compelling ad-text for each keyword. We also have a contextual and free-text search product which allows publishers large and small to directly sell their ad-space to their clients rather than using a third party such as Google. I think our nearest competitor would be Quigo in the US.

I'm looking forward to learning more about our industry and learning from other members of Threadwatch.



clearly the one.....

Hi there - it's certainly looking like TW is the place to be atm - best quality seo discussion out there by a long way - thought i'd better sign up quick before someone took my highly popular nickname......

New in Connecticut

Hi -

I'm a marketing and technology guy.


My name is Brian Thibault. I am a 23 year old aspiring SEO with a development background. My websites are:,

An old lurker gets registered

30-something years in self-employment, 20-something years mucking about with computers, just over a decade playing on the web, and now semi-retired watching some sites work.

When not sailing, diving, skiing, and hiking I play SEM games as a theoretical diversion while hiding out in a valley on an island on Canada's west coast. No more clients hip hip hooray!

I have learned a great deal from many people who post here and, though it really really hurts to even think about sharing SEM ideas, will try to add something worthwhile sometime.

I would also like to use this opportunity to thank Nick for starting TW, Aaron for saving it, DaveN for being a good rank, the editors for doing so well whatever it is they do, and Gurtie just because.


I have been reading threadwatch for a long time. Felt I need to register and contribute.

only came for the free beer

there is free beer right?

Introduction of sorts

Sent here by a friend and wanted to set out my opinion on some issues.

How Do's From Wales...

I'm new to threadwatch, I'm here because I'm an a: a Strikepoint radio show addict and keep hearing the plugs, b: You have some nice RSS with lots of interesting bits, and c: I luv's building websites, some funny, some not-so.

I've been making websites (badly and very white-hat) since 2000, and am mostly about the blogging. On the webside I run the blog (feel free to suggest stuff) and write for ThirdSquare webmaster's blog. I also keep up a range of my own blogs from Bingo, to music to arty stuff. I enjoy doing spoof sites like my last one - which you web marketeers may enjoy as it's about the *next* wave of web marketing. ;)

Hello from Virginia

I'm a blogger/podcaster who's been ingesting your links for months. It never occurred to me to join until last week (no clue why), but now I'm in and I'll be active.

I particularly like to read on RSS technology, podcasting, blogging, voip and social networking. Greetings from a southern belle...

Been reading for a while and decided to join

Hello there,

Those who know me from other forums, hi!!!


Saying hi again...

I've been involved with geek stuff seemingly forever... made my first Web site while procrastinating "official" studies in graduate school using O'Reilly's "Website" server. Before that, I was addicted to Usenet, IRC, FTP, Unix Talk, even Gopher. And before that... BBSes, Prodigy, AOL, Compuserve, GEnie. And before that... writing lame BASIC programs on the TRS (trash)-80, Apple II+, and Tandy Color Computer.

I'm still a geek and as of March 2006, I'm working for Google and have a great time.

Outside of geekdom... I'm very much into social dance (lindy hop, waltz, etc.) and doing my best to make my middle less-round and my stress levels less high by working out a bunch (especially since I *LOVE* food!). If you're really bored, you can see my other personal interests in my profile.

Lastly... I used to be "ThatAdamGuy" here, but figured it'd be sensible to create a separation between my Googler and pre-Googler-era statuses.

Hi, New to Threadwatch

Hi guys,

Just dipping my toes into Threadwatch, and looking forward to a nice long swim :)

Another newcomer...

From the Pacific Northwest. Just saying "Hi".


Hi all


[insert introduction here]

Just got around to registering.... sorry its been so long......


been following threadwatch via RSS for a few months now. I'm a web developer in London.

Top of the morning to ya

I'm really bad at finding time to post, hence only just registering here. I've tried to make an effort at SEW and will try here at TW as well. If you're going to SES London this year, I'll probably meet you all face to face soon - especially if your going to the drinks afterwards. Shame it wont have usernames on badges, may have to biro mine on.

mmm... just found the post about the piss-up in Stansted. Would probably get there for 4ish if I left now so probably too late :(

Hello from New England

I've been lurking on TW for a couple of months and just registered. Unfortunately, I don't get to work in my underwear like many of you (probably would upset my coworkers). Work for a small-med sized company doing ad buys...trying to learn more about SEO & SEM.

Warm Helo From Cape Town, South Africa

Being brand new to posting blogs and TW AND not in favour of long introductions, here goes(drum roll): HI! Me John. I do SEO. Pleazd 2 Meet y'all. The End.

New from Yahoo!

working in the search team at Y! just wanted to leave a thought!

Hi from Philippines.

Im a newbie person from cebu philippines.

my blogs to be filled up. - this one is an entry of isulong seoph contest. (hope you dont mind i dropped my link, its still ongoing and empty)


Hi Jamire

Hi Jamire
no hard feelings, but I am nuking the isulong URLs out of general principal in accordance with my recent post on the subject here

closing this thread and making a new one here

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