HowStuffWorks Works Better with Major Funding


HowStuffWorks just had a major infusion of cash:

HowStuffWorks, which provides product information for Internet users, on Thursday said financier Carl Icahn made a "significant investment" in the company to help fund its growth.

Entrepreneur Jeff Arnold, chairman and chief executive of the Atlanta-based company, didn't disclose the size of Icahn's investment, but in an interview said it amounts to "tens of millions" of dollars.

I bet there is probably room for a few more large pure content plays, although for most people networks of niche channels will probably work a bit better.

Carl Icahn is the billionaire hedge fund investor who recently promised to personally kick Time Warner board members in the head if they let go of AOL too cheaply.


Abuse of subdomains or great SEO ?

Try a search for how stuff works

Those boys have a clean sweep going on for pages!

Movie Adverts

I went to some movie fairly recently and they had 'how stuff works' 30 second advertisements playing in the theatre lobby and as interstitials that run before the trailers, was wondering what they were up to when I saw that.

Too Funny!

Hey Jason, I thought your previous post was way funny and I loved trying out how stuff works for myself.

Hi SS. Common sense came &

Hi SS.

Common sense came & grabbed me by the short and curlys (with a lil help from a friend and some messaging) so the ol post is gone, replaced by another, I HOPE, interesting post :D

Great SEO

And I'm off to get me some subdomains today! Thanx Jason :-)

How stuff Works

Abuse of subdomains or great SEO ?

Both ? :-)
I guess that's just *How Stuff Works* BETTER last couple of months...

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