Threadwatch News: Things to Come

A lot has happened since Threadwatch launched about two months ago and I've been thinking hard about several directions we could take to make this place even better.

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So, What's Happening?

Firstly I'd like to cover more areas within the general field of internet marketing and search in particular. This is going to happen, but will not affect or dilute what happens here already :)

I plan to put together some sub-domains for various branches of the Threadwatch site where, should it interest you, you can read about mobile marketing, more in-depth search industry news and a few other things that still have to be worked out.

Threadwatch Subscribers

There will also be, in the new year, some subscriber only sections and services. This site must pay it's way, but in my view must not drown itself in advertising and offers. So, with that in mind the sensible way to go seems to add more value to the site at a premium.

This does not mean that any less effort will go into what we are creating now, it also does not mean that any kind of "elite membership" will be required to hang out here and have fun :)

What it does mean is that should you want more information and more options on that information you will have the opportunity to get it, and get it in the usual no nonsense Threadwatch style.

What will it Cost?

This has not been decided, but i can tell you that we're not talking pennies here. If we are going to add value, then it will be real value, not some silly members club affair. You're probably looking at in excess of $1500 a year.

The new services and information on offer has yet to be fully nailed down, though a decent roadmap has been drawn up. Please forgive me for keeping the details to myself for the moment, all good things will come, trust me.

Something Extra

I've had numerous people suggest to me that they would like to "donate" to Threadwatch - in order to support the site and have always politely refused as I just feel that this is the wrong way to go for us. Im not ungrateful for the offers of course, it goes almost without saying that i view them as a massive show of faith and vote of confidence, so thanks.

But, the development of the upcoming services (mostly information based) does not come cheap so i have a proposal for anyone that wants to help, and get a bargain in the process:

Here's the Deal

If any members feel they would like to help, you can paypal me at the address below. What you will get for such a "leap of faith" is 1yrs subscription to the services that will be offered in the new year.

As these services are a bit of a mystery at present, and will undoubtably not appeal to every single member of TW i'd suggest that $50 would be amply sufficient. This way, if it turns out that what is offered doesnt suit you, you're not out of pocket by any large amount.

This will help me enormously, i will be doing it regardless so please dont feel obliged, but if you have expressed an interest in contributing in some way previously, i think this is a nice way to do it :-)

You Can Pre-Subscribe via Paypal

For variable amounts use "" as the person you want to pay. For quick and easy 50 bucks hit the button below.

Please include your username as the comment or pm me and as mentioned above, whatever the final cost of subscriptions settles at, you get it free for 1yr.

Any questions, fire away...



Great idea, and a great site. If you need help let me know.

Missing Persons

Hi all,

I am still missing a few people
Due mainly to not being always able to line up email addys against user names but also becuase im human and make mistakes heh..

So, anyone that has pre-subscribed, but NOT received a pm from me, please pm me.


Carpediem I Agree...

...I seem to only find time for,,, and these days. Hardly post on the other 17 forums I am a member of : )


Well, it's all paying off!

I have a ton of work to do over the next week but you can see one small part of the progress on this ugly page - We now have individual RSS feeds for *each section* - this way you can tune in to any channel or all - the home page RSS remains the best though :)

Once the usability report we have going comes in i'll be making this place a little more friendly and putting up some solid links to those feeds aswell as a little primer on how to use them.

Work on the subcriber subdomains is pretty much done. Just a few bits for our nice drupal dev to clean up then i'll be working on sorting them out. Initially we have one set aside just for those signed up in this thread to discuss the plans for the subscriber section and one set up as the subs section.

As i've said b4 though, no less work will be going on in public, TW continues to find the best stuff out there and post it, simple as that.

Apparently we were mentioned in Danny Sullivans news letter. Being a thick twat though i deleted it cos i didnt have time to read it :) can someone please send me it?

(my msn also..)

Thanks again
The pre-subscribers have seriously stunned me with sheer volume and enthusiasm for this project and that cash all goes to help on both private AND public sides, so once again thankyou.

If you've not received a pm from me thanking you for your pre-sub, please pm me, i dont mean to be a rude bastard but it's been real busy round here and i have a horrible feeling i've missed one or two - i really need to know please, i have to upgrade your accounts.


Add another

I'm in for $50 - I couldn't pass up something like that. Heck it would be worth well more than $1,500 in saved time to get in a high quality forum (I'm not trying to take away from any of the other ones in any way. I frequent a vast number of them and they are great). But it would be nice to go to a place that has people in it that do it for a living and not be filled with people asking when the next Google update will occur or why their site only has a PR of 4. I respect those guys and wish them luck, heck that is how we all started. But you can get the newbie info from a plethora of sites. I welcome something new.

i'm in too

Thanks for the great resource.

Keep up the great work.

Well I Am In....

...thats the least I can do. You have no idea how much time this site saves me from reading all the noise on the forums. Ok, I have to confess I check out first.

Missing Persons

Got it Trisha, many thanks and welcome in :)

Im sending out pm's to those that pre-subbed over the last 24hrs now, if you dont get one in the next 2hrs or so, please pm me!

thanks again all, really, really cool to see so much support for Threadwatch, it warms the cockles of my cold black heart heh..


ThreadWatch Premium,

Nick W of Threadwatch is to create a premium subscription service. SearchGuild holds a Christmas gift competition. Danny Sullivan talks about how Yahoo! hand edits their search results.

Word on the street is that WG has resigned at WMW

Word reaches me, in true TW style from an anonymous source that Greg Boser, President WebGuerrilla, LLC has resigned as both an Admin and Moderator at WMW.

I'm sure I'm n

I sent my 50 in - thanks for

I sent my 50 in - thanks for creating a great resource Nick!

Right then

Let's clear up a few misconceptions ;-)

Understandable though they indeed are, this is heading in a direction counter to what i've actually got in the works so let me attempt to bring it back online:

No Private Club
I do not currently have any plans to start a private forum or any other kind of exclusive offering of that nature. If I did ever do this though, it would not cost anybody anything (you can see it's crossed my mind right? :-). The only way i could see that working well is by invite only and free to join. But it's not happening, so that's all academic.

Search engine reps will be more than welcome to join the subscriber only sections of the site that will come in the new year. If I dont invite them in it is: a) Rude and b) unrealistic - if anybody wants to share the kind of information an SE rep shouldnt see then it really does have to be invite only and tightly secured otherwise it just doesnt work. I have no way of telling who is a rep here and who isnt unless they are either known to me or make themselves known to me.

So, i hope you can see that basing a private "forum" on cost alone would not eliminate the risk of data being seen by these boys and girls, and quite honestly, i rather appreciate the few we have in here. They've all offered great advice at one point or another and are fun to have around :) If we ever do anything without them, you can bet your life it wont be published here - you'll just get "an invite" and that will be that.

As grnidone rightly pointed out, $1500 does set the bar rather high. Good. However, there will likely be a number of information services of varying cost and that figure is set for access to all. None of this is set in stone as ive said earlier, part of the reason for accepting "donations" of $50 is to: a) pay for development of stuff that will be used on both the private and public side and b) getting those members brave enough to cough up a few bucks on faith to help me with these decisions, to become instrumental in the decision making process if you will.

Im not going to say that i'll do everything members suggest, that would be foolish on my part, but these guys and girls will have a chance to be a part of it. And for that, i am very, very grateful. --- You dont run a website that has some of the keenest minds in the biz as a membership and not ask for a little help :-)

Again, please do not pre-subscribe unless you are 100% comfortable that you are just helping Threadwatch out with dev costs. The other benefit I think is smashing, but it wont be to everyones taste.

Thanks to all of those that have contributed so far, it's an awe inspiring show of confidence in me and Threadwatch and it's greatly appreciated. And *everyone* will see the product of that in a coulple of weeks when the new public stuff goes up.

thanks again :-)


Is it worth $1500?

Only those who pay will know.

Screen people

>You do not get a high signal to noise ratio by appealing to everyone.

Agreed. Don't miss my point. I'm not saying this place should appeal to everyone. I'm wondering if the price point will strip out too many.

signal vs noise

>In order to have a healthy discussion/ debate, one needs to have lots of people with differing viewpoints.

Most posts are repeats of other posts, which are repeats of other posts. You really only need to have key players with access to good tools or data that they may be willing to share to build value.

$1,500 is a good sum of money for joe-new-webmaster, but that potential pricepoint may intentionally be set up that way. you do not get a high signal to noise ratio by appealing to everyone.

One question / suggestion I would recommend is that you have to screen some information systems drastically diminish in value when certain eyes have access to the data.

Devil's Advocate: $1500

In order to have a healthy discussion/ debate, one needs to have lots of people with differing viewpoints. $1500 is a lot of money to me..but perhaps I am in the minority of folks who see it that way.

Is this amount so much that the resulting group of members will be very small? My concern is that without enough people putting forth ideas, the ideas that are there have points that are overlooked.

If it is possible to create a large-ish community and still charge $1500, then great. However, too small a community will hurt the site instead of help it, and I am concerned this price point may be too rich for some folks with good input.

*Transferring money to her paypal account...I will happily give $50.*

If there are two things I know for sure....

One, that this is a very innovative site.

Two, that the site owner thinks outside the box.

I'm pretty sure that the paid subscription/services/whatever it ends up as will be something innovative and outside the box too. I'm in.


Just so everyone is 110% clear.

Do not "Subscribe" unless you are happy that what may be offered may not suit you and that your $50 just goes to helping with some development on the site.

This is not for everyone. Ideally only people that would genuinely just like to show a bit of support and *maybe* get a bargain in the process should do this.

I have said all of this a couple of times but I think it bears repeating.

Thanks :-)


Hi bob,

Firstly, you shouldnt need to worry about pm's about this pre-sub jobbie unless you have pre-subbed. If you want emails letting you know when you get pm's though, or to automatically subscribe to threads you participate in then do this:

Go to: my acount - edit (tab at top)

and you'll see some checkboxes - choose what suits you best :)

I'd appreciate it if people didnt bother with the signature field though, this is in the process of being disabled.

While I am at it we should be only getting one email message per thread and until we visit the thread we dont't get more.

Im afraid you've lost me entirely there, can you explain a bit more?

Also it would be nice to get the contents of the post in the message also. All those things that the normail forums do : )

Sorry, no can do. And this is not really a "normal forum" lol...



PM Not Emailing me... I don't know when I get one. I checked my profile didn't see a place to set this. While I am at it we should be only getting one email message per thread and until we visit the thread we dont't get more.
Also it would be nice to get the contents of the post in the message also. All those things that the normail forums do : ) paid subsriptions?

Nick Wilson's popular Threadwatch, which rounds up major search and webmaster topics of interest across a wide spectrum of forums, is considering updating to a paid service. At the moment Nick is suggesting that a yearly subscription might cost in...


<----- pre-subscribers check your pm boxes guys - if you havnt found them yet it's under the logo :)

Anyone not heard from me please pm me (link at bottom of this post)



Hi Brian, Some of that in

Hi Brian,

Some of that info is incorrect my friend :)

Firstly, i suggested it *might* be in the region of $1500 no £'s

Secondly, we are NOT moving to paid subscription at this time. I will just be providing some extra information based services to those existing threadwatch readers and members that might be interested in it.

As i said in my announcement, this will not hinder what we do at threadwatch now, it will just provide a little extra for those members that wish to support TW and make use of some extra services.

TW is all about it's members, whether they want extra bits or not. I cant envision us ever going "paid subscription" - just offering something extra for those that want it :-)


PS - answer your damn email! lol.... and i couldnt make this comment on your blog, i got a 404?

PayPal Config

Hey Nick, how about configuring your PayPal interface so that the person donating can leave a comment. Also, I wanted to donate more than the fixed amount and now have to make a second transaction, arrrggghhh!

Sorry P!

I've never done this before, my apologies :(

I'll edit the original post: You can use '' as the paypal id and that will leave a comment field and the amount open.

Hmm.. sorry about that guys...

ADDED: Any idea where i can configure paypal to accept comments?

Funny you should ask...

My wife just asked me the same thing.

Im thinking pretty soon but dont want to put a date on it just yet. Lets say middle of next month to begining of new year tentatively bob, but please dont hold me to it :-)

I really would suggest only "diving in" if you're 100% comfy doing so, i will be putting up a pre-subscriber section next week so that those onboard already can find out more and help shape some of the details but it is a leap of faith which is why i suggested the relatively small sum of $50

If what im planning doesnt work out for you then you've helped TW monetize itself and of course that helps with *everything* here, and you take my sincere thanks for that help.

If it does turn out to be to your liking (and that's the idea) then you get my thankyou back in terms of the 1yr subscription.

Just to add a small amount of detail to this: The paid section will be mostly aimed at "intel" - company/news intel and seo intel drawn from here and elsewhere. There will be quite a bit more come launch but that gives you some idea i hope :)


How Long Will This Go On....

...I mean the deal. When will it end. How long to we have to jump aboard.


Whow where what? - i care I do I do I do! :-)

Thanks Guys
Thanks to those that took an early shot at subsribing - that's just sooo cool! - These pre-subscriptions may be small compared to planned prices but they will help build what im planning without dipping into the family funds too much :-)

I *hope* to have a section up next week for pre-subscribers to discuss what the plans are (under pain of death for blabbing of course.. heh.) but dont hold me to it, it rather depends on our new drupal dev Moshe not running into any unforseen difficulties..

Next year will be cool for sure, but for now - BIZ AS USUAL - im off to hit the boards...


Ah, thanks...

...for highlighting that bit. It was a long read for a foreigner like myself (especially since it's Saturday night now). In that case: congrats with your new and long-lasting zeal/looksmart listing, even if you don't care for that much : )

Have another look Wit

Nothning in the plans about going 100% commercial, have another look at what i wrote mate :)

This does not mean that any less effort will go into what we are creating now, it also does not mean that any kind of "elite membership" will be required to hang out here and have fun :)

What it does mean is that should you want more information and more options on that information you will have the opportunity to get it, and get it in the no nonsense Threadwatch style.

Just adding some stuff to what already goes on around here for those people that would see a benefit from such information.

15x better

No, i dont.

It's not about better bob, im a paid member at SEW and i enjoy it. I wouldnt bother trying to compete with it as Danny and the boys do a good job and keep me reasonably happy in that regard.

TW is not planning to compete with anyone in particular, just to offer some services that some will find most useful.

I believe you.

I won't be interested though, but some (most?) of the pros will. In any case, I recommend buying second-hand cars.......

Curious to see what services you'll provide. Remember that your Zeal listing will go up in smoke as soon as your site goes near-100% commercial ; ) Bummer (?)

$1,500 a year - woa. SearchW

$1,500 a year - woa. SearchWatchEngine members area is $99 a year. You feel that you can offer some thing that is 15x better, or is Danny not changeing enough.