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From TechCrunch comes news that Yahoo! has aquired I wonder if they'll be merging it with MyWeb2.0?


i've been searching for what

i've been searching for what the price tag was, here's what greg yardley said:

Size of the transaction wasn’t announced but I’ve read rumors of $30 million - $40 million. The lower figure feels right to me, give or take ten percent - Yahoo’s too shrewd to offer more than they’d have to, so I’m guessing the final figure wasn’t really based on the value of my bookmarks but instead was the amount needed to give Union Square Ventures a 10x or so return on their money and justify a sale. Assuming a valuation in the low millions eight months ago - okay, $30 million feels a little high. Maybe $25 - $30 million is about right.

I don't get it

I used delicious by accident and found something mildy interesting, yeah that's worth $30,000,000. It's like a new generation has invaded the Web and has pushed aside all these old, creaky Web 1.0 and only rave if it's Web 2.0. It's a bunch of peoples bookmarks for Lee Ho Fooks sake. Is it me just not wanting to be bombarded with new stuff? Comfortable in the TFT glow of my regular websites. Does this mean the online world is going to constantly die and regenerate like some Time Lord, each new incarnation becoming more pretentious and ephemeral than that past. Or is it that energy expended learning newer, better ways of doing things is finite, and I used all my exploration energy on that Thai Lap dancer in Gwin Lam Pok.

Ignore me, I'm just a grumpy old sod.

I think having access to the

I think having access to the delicious bookmarking data for all of the users would be pretty valuable from an algorthymic spam detection point of view.

They're buying... PEOPLE!

Clearly, IMHO, Y! couldn't give a flying fig about the technology and service itself. While creative in its time and still heralded by geeks everywhere, I feel it was substantively bested by services like Furl, Spurl, and MyWeb... all with much richer functionality.

But -- to my surprise -- geeks continued to flock to, largely ignoring the other services. Whether it was out of habit, out of Web 2.0 trendiness or what not, the masses were at

On a brief tangent, one could relate this to the MySpace phenomena. MySpace clearly isn't a better system (technically) than Friendster or Multiply or Tribe or whatever... but since "EVERYONE!" uses it, that's where the buzz is, that's where the trendy crowd congregates, that's where the advertisers go, etc.

Of course, comparing to MySpace is a bit unfair. One boasts a relatively clean, refreshingly sane UI, the other is a hodgepodge of drive-you-absolutely-nuts blinking blinkering screaming black on gray red on fuschia how long do I have to wait after clicking on... what??! kind of service. MySpace, in other words, clearly demonstrates that the masses HAVE no taste (except for whatever their trendoid friends are on, including -- hypocritically -- me).

But anyway, back to Yahoo! bought it for the people. Likely both the huge membership (and, admittedly, the data they've delicious'd) and perhaps even for Joshua and his team (undoubtedly smart, hardworking people).

Will it get immediately folded into MyWeb? Not sure. The Flickr folks have staunchly noted that their service is NOT getting folded into Y! Photos and Photomail, for instance, due to a clash of cultures (membershipwise, at least; I wouldn't presume to determine how Stewart and Caterina and their forward-looking teammates would fit in with the rest of Yahoo's culture at this point ;-)

But in the case of and MyWeb, the demographics seem similar enough (::cough GEEKS! cough::) that I can't see why Y! wouldn't move ahead swiftly, if not immediately, to merge the two systems.

Totally agree Adam. Seems

Totally agree Adam. Seems like Google is trying to buy content ads and beyond that woo users with technology. Yahoo! seems to find the tech that people have already flocked to and then buy it out.

I've tried the MyWeb thing

I've tried the MyWeb thing and frankly I hate it. It does more stuff, but it's big and klunky, and tied together with a whole bunch of other stuff I really don't need. I use delicious everyday and I love it. It's plain simple and gets the job done. In fact I put all of my non-super secret bookmarks there. If they junk it it up with other crap I'll be damn annoyed.

I'd rather have one thing that does only one thing but does it well than one thing that does 50 things but doesn't do any of them well.

Soylent Green is PEOPLE!

It's, they're made of people too.

Hmmm, I still don't get it. is the kind of site that IPOd the first time around and sucked money out of everyone's wallets then served up large DOT COM parties before they dried up and went POOF! as the investors all ran for cover.

Here we go again...

Time to short Yahoo.

Here we go again...


I'm getting a strange eerie sense of Deja Vu. Glad I didn't buy any stocks this time around. If I did, I'd be selling very soon.

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