The tycoon who fell to earth


A great article, well worth a read, and a fascinating glimpse into Time Computers [a UK company]. Some great facts and quotes from the good old days when margins on PC's were high and *gasp* there where waiting lists to get them!

"Tahir Mohsan was a great British success story - a young Asian who built the country's biggest PC maker, and a fortune along the way. So what went wrong?",16559,1656130,00.html



"We are in the business of taking risks."

One of those companies that I had forgatten, and it was a good read, to see the whole saga.

Most of these sort of guys always seem to bounce back, even Jeffrey Archer is coming back for another go (but they probably don't feature him in the Guardian.

"In 1999, Tahir reportedly

"In 1999, Tahir reportedly turned down an offer from Freeserve to buy his business for £300m"

If I could turn back Time (pun intended), If I could find a way... etc..

turn of phrase

While it was a good article, I wonder about the author's objectivity.

He walked briskly to the table and sat down, then leaned back in his chair. The first of his many smiles revealed pointed white teeth.

Did he steal that phrase from Stephen King?

"Did he steal that phrase from Stephen King?"

Thanks to Googles infamous book search you can see that "pointed white teeth" is a popular term with authors.

Funny thing, I have never used the book search before, quite interesting!

The journalist seems to want

The journalist seems to want us to believe that he stripped his companies of assets and then moved them overseas, where he is now happily re-using them in a new PC distribution project.

Did he really fall to earth? Sounds more like he simply moved on.


Stripping Assets & Moving Overseas = Moving On

Another nice PR line I can see being used repeatedly there.

Sorry to be a cynic here - but isn't this pretty much how business has always worked. When a business starts to look a bit shaky - the big boys bail out and leave some patsy's holding the baby while they make a mint out of bailing out.

And if truth be told I'd do exactly the same thing.

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