Google Raids Software...Doesn't Have the Decency to Call or Say Thanks


John Flowers, of kozoru, posts about how Google abruptly ceased communicating, but continued to rummage through his software after they stopped answering his emails and phone calls.

Everything we saw and heard and felt seemed like we were getting along great with everyone there. Everything, that is, until three weeks ago when - without warning - they stopped responding to e-mails or returning phone calls. They did, however, take the opportunity to log into our private interface and see what we were doing (after we shared it with them), even after the calls stopped and the radio silence continued.

I'd remove their access, but I like Megan and company and assume... some day... they might actually call back saying something like, "This is really cool."

Google where are your manners?

via Battelle


Stupid stuff on blogs

He didn't close the deal, end of story. And after posting that about the blogosphere I doubt he ever will. What would you do if you were Google and reading that?

A sour grapes post about negotiation just implies either they didn't want your product or that you're a poor negotiator. And seriously - jeans and a ratty sweater when trying to sell something to Google/Apple? Geesh. Spring for a nice pair of slacks and a casual pressed shirt if you want to look casual. No wonder nobody is taking them seriously.

Ya' Think!

Then again, it is possible my wearing jeans and sneakers might not have been looked upon favorably


I doubt Google is a snob

I doubt Google is a snob like that, and a robber like that, there must be more to this story.

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