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Does anybody else here wish that Threadwatch would return to its roots? i.e. the best search news and threads on the web.

I'm a bit worried that with Aaron planning on keeping the best stuff for his site - "actionable SEO tips" - we are going to get nothing but trivia through here: "rumor and stuff that is fun and interesting about search / technology / SEO". Personally, to me search is neither fun nor funny.

Dancing is fun. Making love is fun. Swimming in the ocean is fun. Search is work.

Challenging, interesting work, but work.

I would hate to see Threadwatch become a search trivia site. Rumours and slander are well enough covered by The Register and Slashdot.

Let's have solid posts and collective intelligence to save all of us much time combing the forums. That was the reasoning behind Threadwatch when Nick started it. I paid to support that idea and I'd pay again to see it back in action.


Making love is fun

You obviously haven't seen some of the things I have woken up with (before I was married).

>>>>>Dancing is fun - you obviously haven't seen Aaron Dance!

Stuff like Rumours and Bollocks have always been part of TW.

Nick had his very individual personality which people gathered round some good people - (I am definitely not putting myself in that 'good people' bracket, I just troll by]. I think Nick will also say that the TW community helped make it what it has become. In fact he has said it in here a few times.

>Does anybody else here wish

>Does anybody else here wish that Threadwatch would return to its roots? i.e. the best search news and threads on the web.

Yeah I would, a Cliff Notes for the web. I think there is room for a bit of bollocks too but maybe not quite as much as we have had.

Of course the easiest way to ensure that happens is to post good stuff!

I noticed...

...a gradual move from threadjacking SEO forums to threadjacking (SE-related?) blogs. Maybe that explains things. IMV, 95% of blogs are online rants. Often interesting, newsworthy at times, but -erm- different from SEO forum threads.

Just an observation.

Good points all | Sharing the work

I agree - there is way too much stuff off search weblogs now and not enough high quality forum discussion threads.

Part of the problem is that I think the forums have become less interesting some of the time. The people who need to learn, have learned - and what passes for conversation is the same old stuff rehashed again and again. But not all of it.

I've had some more concrete thoughts on how to make a higher quality Threadwatch work. It used to be Nick combing all the forums for worthwhile stuff and he was very good at it.

What needs to happen is a sort of collective. There is one person in charge of each of the big forums for a given period of time. That person is responsible for pulling the good bits out of that forum for a set period of time.

That might be the price of membership - to have to do your two to three weeks/year monitoring forums.

People wouldn't have to always stay on the same forum. One could do different forums over the course of the year to reduce the boredom factor. But at any given time one person would need to be in charge.

I loathe the forums enough I would probably rather pay than do my stints - but that could be an option. Weeks monitoring could count as credits.

Which brings up the whole membership only question...which is less of a question as I would think that Aaron bought this site to keep it as a public and advertising driven resource.

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