Google Soul Mates (Beta)


As more Google is evil news comes out, Google fights back with soul mate prose. David Vise has the pitch:

[Larry and Sergey] take vacations together some of the time. They share an office at the Googleplex -- the company's headquarters in Silicon Valley -- and they are soul mates, intellectually, in the enterprise they've built, and they're partners joined at the hip.



I hate that warm-fuzzy crap. I don't care if they run over Smurf's together it smacks of desperation.


Sounds to me like Larry and the little Russian are very very good friends...

They don't have girl friends do they.... hmmmm

maybe they are more than just 'friends'... ;-)

"joined at the hip."

..the article says.

rumours are that

Larry dated Marissa, didn't he?

argue and argue and argue...

sounds like they must have married when we weren't looking ;)

Hmmm... with Aaron at the

Hmmm... with Aaron at the helm, looks like TW has gone "anti-Google" now. :) Your EVIL thoughts?

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