Google AdWords Losing Relevancy?


Earlier this month DaveN bitched about Thomson spamming AdWords.

Danny just pointed at a SearchViews piece citing irrelevant AdWords ads for the term Google.

The content on these websites ranges from facial cosmetic clinics to poor credit home loans to the "once in a lifetime" opportunity to get rich by taking online surveys. Any way you look at it, the ads appearing for the term "Google" (the same company largely responsible for the changing face of advertising) are completely irrelevant.

I spotted another AdWords targeting gem today, seeing an Seo Book ad atop a domain park page about credit reports. Is Google matching WhoIs data with their ads, or how did they get to be a relevant page for Seo Book?



Loosening the strings on how tight the relevancy is seems like an easy way to pull in some more revenue for a little while. Perhaps with the holiday season, most people wouldn't really notice.

I have seen some horrible matching by Adwords since about September. It's just made me tighten up my negative keywords a lot more and shy away from using broad match too often.

This is a recent issue

This is happening only after google introduced active/inactive kw policy .Before its almost impossible to run ads against those high volume/low ctr kws .But now with a high enough cpc its possible to run ad against any KW...

So you now see many of this sites selling high ticket items (credit cards/work-at-home) blanketing google with ads against the WT top 1000 high volume kws...but to their credit google actually reviews ads/kws from time to time and disapprove irrelevant kws ,it happened to me a couple of times even for slighthly relevent keywords :(.

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