Public Relations and Timeshifting Technologies

Excellent short piece on the use of such things as RSS, TiVo and Blogs to sift through data looking for tell tale nuggets of information and patterns that will help you crack a particular media.

Could be applied to anything, here's a snippet:

Similarly, RSS helps you conduct this level of research in the online world. Do you need to crack into David Pogue's New York Times coveted tech column? Then subscribe to his feed and study, study, study. Thanks to this approach, I found in this post on David's blog where he identifies his assistant, Lesa Snider. Lesa helps David with his product round-ups for Times' Circuits tech section. Do you think Lesa's important and influential? Uh huh. Do you think MediaMap has her listed as David's assistant? Nope. But thanks to Google I easily found lots of references about their frequent collaborations. I also found Lesa's personal Web site where I unearthed even richer information that might help me craft a sound pitch - including her email address.