Firefox 1.5 Woohoo!


We've been warming up to this, but now the wait is over! Thanks to Digg, i see Firefox 1.5 is out!



wait a day and watch the

wait a day and watch the usual tech news sources. let someone else find out if it screws up good appdata files and extensions.

Oh god yeah Im not touching

Oh god yeah

Im not touching that till it's out on my Gentoo sys distro, at least a couple of days before they test it and make sure it doesnt break anything.

I may well put it on windows tonight though, i could care less if that breaks heh..

I've been running 1.5BETA 2 a while

So far I noticed
- They messed around with layout of preferences, new layout feels awkward
- A few websites using negative margins rendered badly (might just have been BETA issue though)
- Far easier to develop extensions for
- Still has memory leak in linux!

Thats the release for 1.0.5,

Thats the release for 1.0.5, not 1.5. I thought the last modified date looked a litle odd!

edit: ok its probably just a typo in the links, replace 1.0.5 with 1.5 and you'll get it.

My heart skipped a beat

My heart skipped a beat there, thanks Rich, all sorted!

I guess I can expect the usual

I guess I can expect the usual behavior: install, quietly overwrites old (working) version permananetly, quietly discards old (working) extensions permanently, and leaves me with a band-spankin' new version with none of the familiar functionality... for weeks?

I'll wait, thaaaaaaanks.

PS: Does this mean Flock is obsolete ;-)

Not that I'd want to install

Not that I'd want to install it on the first day of release, but I wonder why the little exclamation point hasn't appeared next to my throbber. I even checked for updates under Tools > Options and it didn't return anything about this.

>leaves me with a

>leaves me with a band-spankin' new version with none of the familiar functionality.

Yeah, I learned my lesson early-on about forming any sort of dependence on the neat-but-not-crucial extensions. Webdeveloper is all I really have to have, the rest I abandon if they don't port over to a new ver automagically.

qwerty, i'm trying very hard not to make any comments about your, ummm, throbber.

It's a technical term


I think we had best all

I think we had best all leave qwerty's throbber alone, it could go horribly, horribly wrong hehe..

>>it's a technical term

Oh god...

Throbbers - I would never have believed it ...

..but a search gives 135,000 results and Wiki gives a definition .

I have always suspected those guys that edit Wikipedia.

Victory is Mine

Would I lie about a throbber? When I was first getting into the web I read an article on how to customize your throbber and wasted a day trying to figure it out before I realized the article was for Mac users only.

running 1.5 here - sweet as

running 1.5 here - sweet as a nut!

all my extensions updated - great!

I'll wait just a little while

Same here - I think I'll give it a week or so before upgrading. I'll simply sit back and read the tech stories that are no doubt going to appear from everywhere, and let them all test it out for me.

I made the jump

I like it for the most part. It's definitely faster, but about half of my extensions didn't make it. There's at least one I don't need anymore: miniT. Drag and drop tabs are native in 1.5.

And there's a cool new extension that gives you a preview of your tabs when you mouse over them: Tab Preview.

Had the same problem

I read an article on how to customize your throbber

Lipstick washed off the very next day.

Problems with FF 1.5

Ok its my own fault, I upgraded, and

1. Half my extensions are "not compatible" yet with FF 1.5, and the nice people there have disabled them. About 6 are not working now.

2. TW is consisently crashing my FF 1.5, IE works fine for TW on this computer, and FF 1.5 will pick up any other site I have tried (except Aarons own SEO Book site).

My other computer with the old version of FF picks up TW as well

On balance I think I am best off re-installing the old FF

To get a trouble-free upgrade...

Would it be too much if I said how amazed I am at the number of skilled computer users who don't know how to upgrade Firefox properly yet? ;)

The right way to upgrade Firefox is to install to a separate location (instead of over-installing) and start a new profile (or at least make a backup of your profile first).

*Copy* over your bookmarks, user.js and userChrome.css files to your new profile. (You could also grab prefs.js too, but I prefer to start clean with my preferences on a new install.)

First extension installation should be Nightly Tester Tools, followed by whatever other extensions you want. They'll all work (or at least the vast majority will work) if you tick the "Over-ride compatibility" checkbox on the extension install window, so conveniently placed there by Nightly Tester Tools.

You'll be through in ten minutes and all the functionality you're used to will still be around.

If you prefer not to start a new profile, just install Firefox to a different location, copy your profile folder to a different location as a backup, and start Firefox up with your old profile. It will disable incompatible extensions, but you can get most or all of them back by using the update feature. If some still don't work, install Nightly Tester Tools and then click the "Make All Compatible" button in the Extensions window. If you find something's wrong, just copy your old profile backup back over, and use the older version of Firefox. It will be just like you never touched it.

I've upgraded in either of these ways to every version since 0.6.2, excluding Beta 2. (Except that Nightly Tester Tools only came out recently, so I had to "bump" a vew extensions before they'd install.) I've never had any serious problems.

Incidentally, has anyone noticed how FAST this release is? It opens instantly, rendering is like lightning, and the whole interface is very quick and responsive. I believe I said all this about Beta 1 too, but it's even more true this time around! ;)

Too late now, but...

If some still don't work, install Nightly Tester Tools and then click the "Make All Compatible" button in the Extensions window.

I've never seen a "Make All Compatible" button in the extensions window of any version of Firefox (or Firebird, for that matter).

Can you post a screen cap?

Works OK here..

Couple of extensions not yet upgraded, but other than that I did a default install and it worked perfectly.

Photo walkthrough

ZDNet Australia have a nice photo walkthrough of the new features here.

Someone please get me the last release back

While the speed in this version is great, the issues I've had since the install are just to numerous to go through in the comments here... I went back to the site to try and get the last release downloaded but no luck, it keeps sending me to 1.5. Anyone know how I can get the last release back?

Natasha "That Girl From Marketing" Robinson

Are you running XP?

You may have a restore point you could go back to. Anyway, what sort of problems are you experiencing?

TW has stopped crashing my FF 1.5 now

The only problem I still have is 6 extensions disabled as non-compatable.

The only one I miss is "cookie culler" and they appear to be working on that.

Here is an odd one

In this WMW thread

Adwords reporting not rendering properly in Firefox 1.5
Removing the forecastfox extension, solved the problem for me. Thank you.

Does Contextual Menus Staying Open Count As A Big Issue??


Thanks for the help. In addition to firefox just freezing up when I have many tabs open (a necessity for me) now, there is also an issue of contextual menus not closing. As I type this I'm staring at a box that has the "Open in tabs" etc menu staring back at me and it won't go away unless I close FF and start again.

You wrote: "You may have a restore point you could go back to." - Yes, I am running XP, can you point me to some documentation online for getting back there... or I'll just do some searching later...

Thanks again,
Natasha "That Girl From Marketing" Robinson

System Restore

Go to Start > All Programs > System Tools > System Restore. Your computer sets a "restore point" at regular intervals. If you've never been there before, it's on the default setting (whatever that may be). What it does is allow you to return your computer to a previous setting as regards installed software and other settings. It does not have any effect on documents and changes to them, so restoring to a point set a week ago will not lose documents created or edited in the interim.

It's a matter of balancing the resources (mostly space) that takes up with the potential need to go back to a previous point, so keep that in mind if you choose to change the settings. I used to have it set up to create a restore point every day, but foun I didn't need that. What's best, IMO, is to create a restore point before installing or upgrading software. That way, if your pc goes nuts you can just go back to right where you were before you made the change.

So, assuming you have System Restore turned on, there is a restore point in there. Just look for the most recent date on the calendar that's bold. And keep in mind that if you restore to that point, you'll lose other installations, updates, registry changes etc. made since that point.

But, you can restore to any restore point, and if you don't like what you end up with, you can undo the restore.

..As she uses Internet explorer


Thank you so much for the full explanation. I had no clue that I even had that option... too bad I can't even get FF to load now. Guess this is my chance to start using Opera, Huh?!

Thanks again, I appreciate you taking the time to write that.

Natasha "That Girl From Marketing" Robinson

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