Google Calendar about to go Live


The subdomain is active. Does this mean we will be seeing another Google product this year?

Analytics still doesn't take any new signups, and if you have an active account, it doesn't even allow you to add a new website profile...

Will it also walk down the lines that Base and Analytics did?


Old news, posted before.

Old news, posted before. Please don't turn Threadwatch in to Slashdot.

Its been coming soon since

Its been coming soon since sept. 05. this is buggered though. They just changed the interface but some twonk forgot to add the content :). All searches return no results.

Why is this story still on

Why is this story still on the front page? What evidence do you have to support the title?

None whatsoever, other than

None whatsoever, other than the fact that a subdomain going live usually indicates a new service is imminent, i changed the title to what it is now. This is THREADWATCH

But the sub has been live

But the sub has been live for months! It isn't about to go live now any more than it was then!

Don't Forget

that would be "beta" calendar... LOL

and there was me giving

and there was me giving myself a pat yesterday on the back for thinking up something Google could do with some success in a similar vein to Google Base but that they hadn't though up yet.


Ahhhhhhhhhhhh NOw, if it's


NOw, if it's OLD news, that's differnet :) taken off the homepage, thanks!

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