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From the fucking stupid ideas department comes word via Rochelle of HideText. Put all your content as images and foil content theives! Bargain: Also make your site inaccessible to spiders and many users too! - Nutters...

Hide your website text content, e-mail address or original article that you don't want ripped off with HideText. This site has an online tool that allows you to insert text into a field, set the characters, and voila! an image of your text you can now add to your blog or website.


my ocr scanner can recognise

my ocr scanner can recognise text from gifs. So I still can rip off their content but you are right, they are nuts!

The title of the index page

The title of the index page reads "Become ungoogable"


certifiable lunatics.


They are already one step too late.

Hide your website text content - don't publish it.

Problem Solved. ;-)

Exactly Woz, that's what im

Exactly Woz, that's what im going to say to the next person that whines about criticism on their site -- if you dont want people to talk about it, dont publish it dammit!

Shouldn't we be promoting them to the hilt

.. that way we get rid of all the incompetants from the SERPs.

Hmm having just read the blog link maybe..

..its the most brilliant content stealing scam in a long while.

You put your text into their website... they give you an image to publish on your site, meanwhile they are publishing the text on one of their sites.

You're right

Kali, you're right. It's worse; from the "More information" link at the top of the page:

Unlike skype, every letter with msn/aim is sent s done as plain text. Someone sniffing and logging the right ports can easily pickup the whole conversation. Well sometimes you need to send a password, or login information to someone - the phrase "don't send passwords via MSN!" may sound familiar (as it's often said even by Microsoft themselves). Just throw it in HideText and send the recipient the image.


This is all swell, but how do I know if you guys are not peeping into my stuff?!
We've got better things to do, really. We're just not interested.

a solution for WMW

maybe WMW will start using this service :)

Actually there is a use for

Actually there is a use for this, we do it with affilate content already. A product description in a gif so we do not get bollocked for dupe. There is sufficient other content scrambled around to make the page unique. I guess that is used for the right reasons opposed to these numbskulls

Good poitn Maxd

I didn't even think of that and I do it too.

>>Put all your content as

>>Put all your content as images and foil content theives! Bargain: Also make your site inaccessible to spiders and many users too!

Can't you do the same thing with a Flash website?

I've used images in place of

I've used images in place of text content before, like for email address. It does slow down the email-spam.

*slaps head* >A product

*slaps head*
>A product description in a gif so we do not get bollocked for dupe.

damn that's a good idea. A maintenance nightmare, but a good idea.

Decent link love for the

Decent link love for the amount of time it probably took to make that. Couple of footer links...

Its not hard to manage...

Use a dynamic page and use this script(this ones mine but there are others out there) to hide the content on the fly. If your really bored you can make it cache the images too so it only makes them once.

Clumsy perhaps, but the concept itself is not stupid

It's not the concept that's stupid. There are numerous cases where you might want to hide text:

1) Contact information: email, phone number, fax number (junk faxes are a big problem), postal address

2) Staff boxes: Your directors/advisors or staff people may prefer a little privacy from search-engine coverage, but you may feel it's appropriate to list them on your site for humans. Putting the staff box in a GIF is a good compromise.

Here's what's stupid. I have Win98, and the standard 32-bit "Paint" program doesn't seem to pick up the fonts on the system and let me do writing inside a BMP file. There are other things I don't like about Paint, and some things I do like. But for doing letters, I can switch my display to 256 colors to make it compatible with the old Windows 3.1 Paintbrush. Now it picks up all the Win98 fonts, and I can do lettering. Then I convert BMP to a GIF using some old DOS conversion tool. Where would I be without good old Paintbrush? I cannot afford fancy graphics programs -- even if they run on Win98, which many won't by now.

Also, the "Print Screen" key on Windows is a life-saver. I finally have it down to where I can grab several little JPG files at the same time with a single print screen, by using little browser windows for each. I paste it into Paint and save it as a 16-bit-color BMP. Then I read it into Adobe PhotoDeluxe Home Edition, which came with my Win98 box. Next I export it to a GIF using an adaptive pallette, thereby assuring that I'm at 256 colors max, because that's all GIF can do. (The pallette is optimized for all the various little images now, all together within one single image, which turns out to be crucial.) Now I convert to BMP and it's still at 256 colors, which means I can read it into Paintbrush and add lettering or borders, and move things around. When it's just right, I convert it back to a GIF and use it on the web.

Here's all you need to transfer Paintbrush from that old 16-bit computer, and it runs on Win98 if you change to 256 colors:

PBRUSH.EXE 183,376 12-31-93

PBRUSH.DLL 6,766 12-31-93

PBRUSH.HLP 40,269 12-31-93

The only thing that's strange about that site is that the fonts they use are too restrictive, and you have too little freedom to design a custom box of your own, with different colors or borders. But then, that site may be the only option some people have. Graphics programs have a steep learning curve when you are dealing with different color depths, and at the same time trying to achieve maximum utility with minimum file size, or have a transparent background, etc.

I have about 12 graphics programs. Only two of them are 32-bit programs, and the rest are 16-bit programs that run from the DOS command line. When I do a graphic, I end up using at least six different programs in a precise sequence for specific functions. No graphics program I've seen does it all. Rather, each does one or two things right, and I need about six or seven things done right. It took a long time to figure all this out.

Here's one I did the other day that illustrates what I can do with my technique:

Funny way to wake up this morning....

First of all, I am sorry to see you go, Nick, because this thread cracked me up - it beats the "Google This..." and "Yahoo That" I can read anywhere.

It's kinda funny to wake up to being included in the fucking stupid idea department, but it wouldn't be TW without a forthright opinion and copy to go with it. That's why I read TW regularly.

I am not associated with HideText in any way, but I really did see potential in this concept, so I posted it on the CK Blog. To be honest, it isn't rocket science to figure out a way to combine text images and real text for the SE Spiders on the same page.

BTW, I found our fellow TW member "webprofessor" Scott who has the excellent Domain Hunter also has a similar product to HideText called Text2Image. I am sure it's better though:

Maybe webprofessor and I should have some PG Tips together, and discuss wayward ideas - LOL!


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