Did Google Stiff Ebay, and Did Yahoo Help?


Amusing conspiracy theory surrounding the supposed dissaperance of thousands of UK Ebay shops from Google in the last update. MysteryBay is a blog dedicated to finding out if GOOG stiffed Ebay, and if Yahoo! are in on it too heh..

In October 2005, many UK eBay Shops reported a large reduction in visitors. This coincided with changes to Google, which apparently removed millions of eBay items from its' index. At almost the same time, an "eBay Shops Directory" suddenly appeared on the first page of Yahoo searches (out of 120 million results). But here's the mystery - there doesn't seem to be any way for eBay shop owners to join this directory. What's going on - are eBay and Yahoo working together or are they enemies?

Via Vrypan


have to love a good conspiracy :)

There also seem to be opinions that eBay intends to set up a “premium shop” sector in which only validated shops would be allowed to participate.

like this you mean?

You mean Google finally...

...got rid of the eBay spam that was polluting the SERPs and the eBay sellers are having a good old fashioned 'I've been kicked out of the SERPs' whine about it.

You've got to laugh.

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