Chitika UK Launches, Europe Follows


On Monday, Chitika will launch a brand new set of products -- well, same old eMiniMalls, but with a twist many, many publishers have been waiting for. They'll be serving geo-targeted feeds to UK visitors as of tomorrow, and over the next few days are adding a whole bunch of European coutries including France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands and Scandinavia (dk,se,no).

They'll also be launching some new themed units such as "Chitika Books".



Someone ask them to cover .ie (Ireland) too :-)


Anybody know if you can change the background and text colors on those mini-mall add units or is one stuck with white?


yep they can all be changed:

ch_color_border = "#F9F9F9";
ch_color_bg = "#xxxxxx";
ch_color_title = "#xxxxxx";
ch_color_text = "#xxxxxx";

Thanks torque. :)

Thanks torque. :)

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