Clueless Pyjamas


I don't follow the clowns at pyjamas/osm/open source/er what? media, but i do follow Jeff and have been relying on him to keep me informed of any noteworthy antics from this bunch of loons. The latest in this sorry, but amusing saga is that they're now demonstrating, in closed conversation that they do not know who they are, or why they exist.

From Jeff

Here’s the challenge, folks: Stand back and see whether you can agree on just one thing. Finish this sentence in no more than 10 words: Pajamas Media is _________________.

heh, and here's the source of amusement and exasperation

Glen, I certainly agree with all your comments. I would only suggest as well that before deciding how the page should look we discuss in a bit more detail what we want to page to do -- what value it should add, why a reader should want to utilize it, rather than just visiting Instapundit or or Little Green Footballs or another blog.

Once we understand and agree on that, I think it will be easier and more productive to move to a discussion of how to visual/design elements to communicate that purpose.

These guys were given $3M in funding! - and there's so much more than just that snippet - we could almost count this as the Friday Funny...


Words Vs Communication

From that thread you linked to, Nick:

"how do we make the site reflect the multiplicity of the blogosphere when editorial imperatives ineluctably tend to impose an artificial uniformity?"


in no more than 10 words: Pajamas Media is a parody, surely?

Haven't learned

Haven't learned the lesson of what should or should not be said in public?

Could this be a case of

More MONEY than SENSE? What I could do with £1.5m ....

Visit our new site:

Visit our new site: OMFG.ohh, the new portal to the hot air of the stratosphere.

Who invested in that? Is it a state unemployment project?


Are you annoyed that they can actually write and spell, that they have ideas other than marketing claptrap and want to talk about them? I may be missing something in the outrage and condemnation, but the motivation for disliking them seems to be, other than what i have already mentioned, that they hold views people here find distasteful. Tough.

I doubt it's political

I know that TW has at least one left-leaning member (me), but we don't really discuss politics here and I see no reason to think that anyone who finds PM laughable feels that way just because of their views.

What's funny about them is that they had the gall to claim that they had more right to the name "Open Source Media" than its actual owner (who is quite a respected individual, by the way -- he ran for mayor of Boston years ago) after failing to even check if the name was available before adopting it.

Agreed, i started this, and

Agreed, i started this, and i dont even know, or care, what their politcs are.

clueless with an attitude

- clueless with an attitude is still clueless.

Personally I had no idea that they even had an opinion about anything, or that it was a political blog network until you mentioned it, patung. I still have no idea if they're left, right, or center, and to be honest I really don't care. They've managed to give a solid impression of a whole lot of nothing wrapped up in ... well, "marketing claptrap" is a nice choice of words.

Of course, that impression might be entirely wrong (as you suggest), but it seems to me that these guys have really worked hard lately to give me just that impression, and not another.

To the extent that others feel likewise, this is really a shame if they do indeed have a political agenda (regardless if it's one I personally agree with or not).

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