Is the PR Industry Really This Shady?


For a project unrelated to TW, me and my partner have been working very hard to find a rock solid PR agency, one that understands blogs inside out. Can we even get one of these guys to talk to us? Can we fuck...

It's amazing. We're sitting on two of the most exciting products to (eventually!) hit the blogosphere in existence, and it's all non-returned phone calls, shady one man bands, left messages that don't even warrant a call from an underling...

I mean for fucks sake, we read these guys blogs and they consistently refer to themselves as "PR Professionals" yet some of the ones we've been trying to deal with act like they don't even understand basic new business aquisition, let alone "public relations".

Honestly, how on earth can we entrust money to people that can't even return a phone call?

.....if anyone reads this and wants to prove me wrong with a stella pitch for a medium-large account, please do. If you're one of the ones i've been careful (read polite) not to name above, don't bother.


SEO's are the new PR people

PR people are obsolete unless they have a rolodex full of rich clueless spendhappy folks or media contacts that say yes to everything. :)

They are going to be a dying breed unless they learn to "get it" soon before all the college dropouts that go to SEO shows decide to take their day jobs when consulting and affiliate works gets tougher in 5 years.

Also toss into irrelevance the traditional media marketing folks that have been living off the "spending on branding delusions of grandeur to justify their ridiculous salaries" for years.

note: rant stems from many many hours of useless meetings with marketing execs, pr people, and other wankers who thought they were doing me a favor yapping about BS whilst wasting my time and not listening to a thing I had to say. Your personal experiences may vary. Apologies to the handful that were decent...we won't eat you.

Too funny

But keep in mind if any of them you contacted this week are in the US they COULD be out on vacation for thanksgiving, just like myself here surfing from Florida.

Good luck, you're gonna need it.

>> we read these guys blogs

>> we read these guys blogs and they consistently refer to themselves as "PR Professionals"

You didn't go by their self-descriptions, did you? :)

>> shady one man bands

Sorry, Nick, doesn't sound like your filtering was done properly.

not sure if they would pan out for you, but I gotta think the guys mentioned here are good.

you also have to appreciate that most blog stuff is "me too" mashup shit from people who couldn't afford a good PR firm, so if they don't know you they probably have been turned off by similar underfunded projects that were perhaps a bit unoriginal, etc.

Most PR People Don't Get It

Most traditional PR people just don't get it when it comes to the internet. I once had some PR gal try to pitch me on how great one of their clients would be to speak at one of the Dallas Search Engine Marketing Association events. Her client was some "Motivational and Success" speaker type. After telling her repeatedly that we only have Internet Marketing related speakers at our events, she tried to convince me that he was qualified to speak because he had a website. And that PR firm's site was a heavy Flash site with an "Enter Here" page for the home page.

I personally haven't heard of Schwartz, but wouldn't you at least want to deal with a firm that ?


would anyone GOOD deal with this subject in public?

[he asked]

Internet savvy PR is hard to find

For an example have a look at this story. Check out the second last sentence in the story where it has the quote from the Managing Director of the biggest branding agency in the world. Remember this was a GBP 880,000 project.

In case anyone doesn't know, I am the bugger who got the domain. The agency did register the totally relevant domain - so that's all righty then.

Hey if you can a good Web PR person....

Point them my way! Saying that you would have thought that the Old Guard of traditional PR would have moved into Web PR by now.

I just wish...

I could make remarks that were half as cutting as the one on


Inspriring Capital I thought, was kind of light. The site in my profile is the real one.

Just one problem

The site has a zero Alexa reading. I guess Edinburgh pulled the ads and no-one ever saw the domain?


... there's plenty of room for shadyness there, as (just like ad agencies, web design, or erm.. SEO) anyone can start up shop.

That said, the good ones should be pretty busy these days.

And that said, I understand that you want to promote a yet unexisting product, even two? Don't get me wrong; I've personally seen that you do have some good ideas in this blogging field, but others might not know that, or even share my view. Think about it, Nick. It's not that odd. I mean, for one thing you don't seem to like the beta craze any more that the next guy... And this industry is the center of all things hot air; you probably compete for attention against ten cancer-curing perpetual motion machines a day, some of which might even slice bread as well.


>> zero Alexa reading
Means zero koreans and zero SEO's visit. Not much else :-)

A couple of PR recommendations


Just had a chat with our resident PR girl and she recommended a couple of agencies who apparently know a blog from a bog:

3 Monkeys

Let me know if they're more use than a chocolate teapot :)

ah, but context, see. A

ah, but context, see. A chocolate teapot is perfectly good if you want to eat chocolate ;)

Good point

and to think I'm in search too! :)
/me looks chastised

I have some experience here

Having worked for the interactive division of the largest PR firm in the world and also working for SEO centric shops, I can say that you need to define what you are looking for. PR has many facets, just like interactive advertising. Are you looking for media relations, blog relations, press kits, messaging, crisis communication or one of the other hundreds of disciplines out there? Let me know what exactly you are looking for and I can help you find the right person. I've got contacts in the PR world and the Interactive Advertising arena, and for the great Nick W, I'm willing to help if you'll reach out to me. PM me if you are interested.

hehe, thanks tony. I just

hehe, thanks tony. I just got off an hour long call with a great woman i've read a little over the last year or so -- if it all works out on paper, we'll be signing with her for sure.

blogrelations, media relations and messaging seems to be what we're after, though i'd not have been able to define it at the beginning of this bizzare little journey...

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