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Forbes is carrying an article pointing out Google's weakness, relative to its competition, with Froogle. Froogle has been online three years now, but the site received 60% fewer visitors than its rivals during October, according to Nielsen NetRatings. And when I come to think about it, Froogle doesn't come up much in conversation these days.

Still, while Froogle's listings service is free to retailers, it can be difficult for them to get their listings included on the search engine, says analyst Brian Smith.

"Google has frustrated the hell out of merchants, and the company hasn't committed people or resources to working on it," Smith says, adding that this frustration may keep some of the best deals off Froogle's search results.

I like Google's reply, still in development!

Google spokeswoman Sonya Borälv says that although Froogle is still in a development mode, the company is focused on improving the product and encourages user feedback.


A study came out this week

A study came out this week that said Foogle UK has made some head way with vistors, increasing them by 8 times as many as the year before:

I checked out Froogle when it...

...was in beta and have never been back. Anyone really use it?

Then again, I don't shop much online.

Numbers a Little Off

I'd say Nielsen NetRatings are underestimating the number of people that are exposed to Froogle listings. The true gold is found at the top of the regular SERPs. If those clickthroughs were counted, I'm sure the traffic levels would be closer.

However, they are spot on when it comes to traffic through Froogle itself.

Everyone that uses google uses froogle

If you search for something like 'computer monitor' on Google then you see the Product Search Results for Computer monitor right under the ads. So the actual statistics for how many people 'use' froogle are hard to pin down. Also, guess what Forbes? In this way google _is_ making money off Froogle because, whether people know they are using froogle or not many like clicking those Product Listing so they keep coming back to Google. Then they sometimes click the adwords ads where google makes a nice profit. Same for people who use the actual ... that place is plastered with ads. Basically it may be true that the stats and earnings per click for these other shopping engines look better, but I'm not convinced that they're in a better position to profit off of users than Froogle is.

No comment

i don't comment on Froogle !!


More often than not the results of a serious Froogle seacrh are spam. I use it all the time, and am disappointed every time. great idea, well done with part nubers etc carying serious search weight, but spammed to death with $0 prices and product-spread pages.

It seems routine for vendors to lower prices to 20% below Froogle market value whenever the item is out of stock.

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