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I used to have tons of .txt's around in my computer where I wrote down ideas, to-do lists, various account info etc. Let me tell you, this has to be the most inefficient way of keeping personal notes ever. At some point I couldn't keep up with the .txt clutter I had created and then I came up with the idea to use a wiki for my personal notes. Fortunately, many others have had the idea before me and created some suitable software.

After a couple searches on Google I found wikidPad (by Jason Horman), which is an open source wiki system for windows. Jason describes it as a "wiki-like notebook". WikidPad really helped me organise my notes and ideas, increasing both the accessibility and usability of my personal information. I highly recommend it.

Other personal wikis I came across:

ConnectedText for Windows (seems very nice but it's not free)
Wikipad for PalmOS
Wikkit for Nokia Series 60 phones
TiddlyWiki written in html/javascript/css

or if you prefer a big list of all kinds of wiki softwareon wikipedia.


VoodooPad Mac OS X

Voodoo pad is a personal wiki notepad for Mac OS X

nice topic

nice topic. I have used TiddlyWiki for years, but mostly for its novelty. It so way-cool that whenever I chat with a client about the wiki concept, I just open up and start tiddling.

Long term practicality requires a different wiki, however :-)

Now a windows .exe I am not so sure about....

People keep messing with "my" personal wiki page.

(sorry, off-topic)

Why not a windows .exe

It's open source and stores each wiki in a single file, which is very handy for moving them around.

I have thought of switching to a php/mysql wiki, since I'm already running apache/mysql on my home PC. However wikidpad let's you edit and expand your wiki faster in my experience.

I much prefer evernote
One long ticker tape... lots of tagging... instant (really instant) find, including of handwritten notes.

General version free, fancy tablet PC version is $30 or $40 or something like that.


I mentioned Voodoo Pad because it looks so neat but I never really use my copy. What I do use is the Mark/Space Memo Pad and Note Pad on my Mac. I use Memo Pad for typing detailed notes and lists and then it automatically gets sync'd to my Palm. When I'm out and about I jot notes on the Note pad on the Palm and it gets synced to the desktop application. Being able to take these with me is wonderful.

Now if somebody could come up with the same thing in a personal wiki that would sync between PDA and computer I think it would be wonderful.

i've been using usemod wiki

i've been using usemod wiki for 2 years now. it's my start page. works great. there are mods out there to have admin/editor/user permissions and individual page acceess password-controlled. its perl, so i gutted the UI and made it very lean and more dedicated to use as a personal workspace.

for anyone interested in usemod, the mods and patches are somewhat of a jumble (hey, the site is a wiki, get used to it)

private pages:

admin/editor/user feature mentioned here:

Well i'm going with Yahoo

Well i'm going with Yahoo notepad since i'm a yahoo user...Those notes are kinda passord and ID... no need to open a wiki. I can organize them the way I want, group them, search them...just simple and perfect

While not so much a wiki,

While not so much a wiki, I'm looking at moving my note taking and bookmarks to Rubric. Includes taggable bookmarks and notes.

Bob..that web

Bob..that web site is so "You". It screams old school.

I was just noticing my desktop has a thousand little notes on it and I need dsperately to clean up my act. I am definately gonna look into Brad's Mac OSX version.

In the past, I've sent myself emails and put them in special email boxes, or used the Yahoo Notes feature.

I bought VoodooPad

Darn you guys are costing me money.

grnidone, you really should check Voodoo Pad out. I'm really enjoying it. The Export options really sold me - for instance I can export to HTML and publish the wiki to the web if I want plus a bunch other options.

It beats having lots of little TextEdit files or scribles on the back of old envelopes. Although I'm still using MemoPad for information I need to have on the PDA.


I've used this thing for 15 minutes and I LOVE IT!

Check this out:

VoodooPad is based on a simple idea of linking pages of information that you write. It works just like you would browse on the internet, except you can edit any page. Drag and drop files into VoodooPad and they will become links as well.

>old school Yeah, and I've

>old school

Yeah, and I've been old school on this for 2 years already while you are just now getting into gear, hhh.

you guys looking a clientside? that'd be a problem for me. I work from 3 machines fairly regularly, sometimes more --at least 2 every day. If I can get to a browser, I can get to my notes.

>while you are just now

>while you are just now getting into gear, hhh.

Yeah yeah yeah. I never said I was quick.


Years ago, I just built a website on my hard drive to house the contents of all those yellow sticky notes and scraps of paper. Full navigation bar and everything; now I just click around for snippets of stuff.

The personal wiki is better?



#1 has search. crappy search, but since you're the one that wrote it up originally you usually have a clue as to a keyword

#2 last revision list. while intended to protect the wiki in multi-user environs, on personal wikis it becomes sort of an active post list.

#3 collaboration capabilities. available if/when needed. either partially restricted access or full public. right now my (rather large) family is using one i set up. they're coordinating holiday travel plans and their christmas gift wishlists.

#4 less work to code a page, particularly a new page. i hacked mine to use supershorthand --ubb code hellbent on using the absolute minimum keystrokes. for example ['][/'] wraps the content in a light tan table, ["][/"] a dark tan one.

One File.

Diane with Voodoo pad it is worth having all my notes in just one file with all pages interlinked. It ir easier that having my Documents folder all filled up with little files.

If you are using a windows machine try playing with the open source Windows version mentioned above I showed that to a friend of mine and he was instantly seeing all sorts of uses for it.

The other side benefit with playing around with a personal wiki is it helps me wrap my mind around the wiki concept and how it can work for me. I think this is going to help me see how I could use a wiki on a website in the future.


Thanks, Brad. Another tool. :)


RC, I hadn't seen your post. Sounds pretty interesting, especially if it isn't difficult for others to use.

the one brad posted looks

the one brad posted looks good for clientside, i just posted it to my personal "Scripts" section, in fact. but i'm a serverside kinda guy. i'm getting ready to change desktop systems and my notes are one thing i won't have to move. I understand, with I understand, with Voodoo, you can upload everything to a server...but I'm still learning it.

I've always had a personal web page with links to frequently used bookmarks...Google Adsense, Threadwatch etc, and had the passwords directly on it so I wouldn't forget.

>>with Voodoo, you can

>>with Voodoo, you can upload everything to a server

This is what I hope to do, export to HTML and post it to a webserver. I particularly want my SEO/Webmster notes to be server side because I often patrol the forums from my laptop. Eventually I will probably move to something completely server side as you suggest RC.

For my personal notes and my notes on my secret schemes for Total World Domination Through Search *shhhh* I think I will stay on client side.

>>I've always had a personal web page with links to frequently used bookmarks

I finally made a personal start page a few months ago and love it. After loosing all my bookmarks in FF this became a perfect solution.

> you can upload everything

> you can upload everything to a server

Yeah, but you can't update or maintain the data from the 2nd/3rd/4th/whatever machine. If you're a laptop mule then that's not much of a problem. If you prefer or need to remain untethered then you need serverside.

>world domination



Just installed ConnectedText after reading this thread and doing some searching. It's pretty neat - installed it on my USB stick to take it around with me.

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