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Lord know's we've discussed Google's shortcomings, and let's face it, release after release has just been a big pile of shit for a while now, but Fred calls it in a single post. And that post is worthy of note.

Google, you need to stop fucking about and get back to work.


Jeez, Nick, you're sooooooo

Jeez, Nick, you're sooooooo anti-Google. ;-)

Not really, im just a bit

Not really, im just a bit tired of their stuff not working.

  • Google Reader, still wont work for me: Shite.
  • Google Base, doesn't work properly: Shite.
  • Google Analytics, talk about false starts: Shite.

I count that 3 in a row, there may be more but i can't think of any right at this moment. I think labeling them lame after that little hat-trick is more than justified.

Don't Forget

Google Talk :-)

Note the wink at the end of

Note the wink at the end of my post, Nick. :-) Just giving you a hard time is all....

Google Reader, Google Base

Google Reader, Google Base and Google Analytics are just released in the past couple of months. Gimme a break !!

Premature Births

I have to sadly agree with Nick. I like the Goog's and, as much I hate them gaining a strong hold on search, I love what they have done for the web.

Problem is, these new tools aren't even ready for Beta; they are good ideas with poor implementation and, apparently, a lack of any QA.

They [Google] have great ideas and a lot of will to move web technology quickly... but honestly every thought [undeveloped and untested] needs not to be a show and tell. Unless, of course, they are releasing Beta's left and right just to scare off would be competitors for these niche and/or vertical markets. Though, I don't believe this to be true

And Don't For Get

GMAIL; it doesent work right all the time and could really use some design changes,more server power and some better functions.
Maybe they should just re-name the company... Googlebeta or BetaGoogle...oh wait...if they did that Google itself might be in "beta" for the next 100 years!


people are complaining about

people are complaining about the slowness of Analytics, right... surely the product itself was ready, just Google has been a victim of its own popularity and importance in the Web sphere. If Google hadn't been so famous, fewer people would have rushed to try out Analytics. If Google had made people pay for Analytics, fwer people would be using it right now... Frankly, I don't blame them for their popularity or for making this entirely free, and you're being very shortsighted if you do!

How many other websites out there offer extremely good products but have problems caused by masses of people hearing of about it and straining your servers til they fail? What about the exellent - fantastic product, entirely free, and yet the sheer volume of traffic offering such a great product works against them. The same goes for any product so useful and affordable as or Analytics. Face it - even a slow/intermittent Analytics or etc is better than none. You get more than you pay for!

Write a good article, publish it publically, get digged or slashdotted, and watch as your server melts or your account gets suspended. Should people trying to get to your article have a go at you for having good enough hosting, or for not anticipating the traffic writing such a damn good article could bring your way? Hell no.

If Google hadn't been so

If Google hadn't been so famous, fewer people would have rushed to try out Analytics. If Google had made people pay for Analytics, fwer people would be using it right now... Frankly, I don't blame them for their popularity or for making this entirely free, and you're being very shortsighted if you do!

You're missing the point, no? A real company does RESEARCH prior to launching in a market. You aren't suggesting Google isn't aware of it's popularity? After maps? After gmail? after Earth? You aren't suggestng they aren't properly equipped to manage traffic?

No... Nick has a good view here. Something's not right. But what?

I tend to agree it's related to Micro$oft's "shelfware" tactics of the nineties. Pre-announce a product with killer features, to preempt the market for your competitors and perhaps scare away their long term money. Then... never deliver unless it really is important to do so. Oh, and also feel free to kill anything that you successfully inserted into the market as a monopoly, if you have grander plans later on.

Sometimes I laugh and say to myself "gee... they should have given that Ph.D. 40 or 50% time instead of 20%" (lol).

Perhaps Google has discovered that the beta process works online the way Microsoft's Developer Network system worked offline. Preannounce, demonstrate substantial development to threaten competitors, and always make sure you can monetize the back end if the product never actually becomes anything.

Maybe some people are just getting ticked off about it early...

Well yes and no. Part of the

Well yes and no.

Part of the "charm" of Google is that they can just throw these things up and see what happens. Its also that "charm" that marks them out as innovative etc and means they trade at the kind of multiples they do. Without the BetaBlast effect they are in danger of being viewed as just another blue chip company, with the huge cut in multiple that brings.

The other side of the coin is that the ability to completely destroy a market, e.g. free email services with gmail, can give a huge advantage when you are in negotiations with partners/potential acquisitions. Dependent on your POV thats either evil or smart business.

PR Stunts?

You're missing the point, no? A real company does RESEARCH prior to launching in a market.

and maybe that research shows that the controvercy around will it work will it not etc etc etc gives them a second round of plublicity for the story


Sure, it's charming when you log into Adwords and get the message that you have to change your login to a Google account. This is all, as Google says, to make it easy to manage everything you do with Google under one roof. No problem, work through the wizard. Already have an account? Yep. Want to use that one? Sure.

It's a snap.

Until I try to log back into Adwords. Why can't I? Because the Google account I used is the one I use for Adsense. No, says Google, you can't do that (something to do with the same Gmail address.)

Google' suggestion--open a second Google account just for Adwords. Yep, that makes sense. It a lot easier for me to work with Google when I have two accounts to keep track of. Duh? Wouldn't it be nice to have all e-mail from Google going to one address?

Google shoots itself in the foot with every introduction of a new service or "enhancement" of an existing one. How many toes do you figure it has left?

(And oh, I'm not at all anti-Google, it accounts for a good slice of my income. I just get so damned frustrated at jumping through hoops all the time. If they want my Adwords money -- make it easy for me to give it to them!)

Right Jim.

You're right, Jim. It's not so much "anti-Google" as "disappointed in Google".

I didn't convert yet, partly because I just knew it would get screwed up somehow, but mostly because I STRONGLY RESENT a company presenting me with an AGREE HERE with no option to decline (as AdSense does with every change to their TOS). Google is the soup Natzi for webmasters.

Think about it. You have an account under the old "terms". It is active, and you have stuff in it (campaigns, unpaid earnings, auctions, etc). Then you go to access it and you cannot unless you agree to NEW terms. Don't agree to the new terms? Maybe not sure of the new terms? MAYBE YOU WANT YOUR LAWYER'S OPINION BEFORE YOU AGREE? Well, "no access for you".

As far as I know, in every state I have lived in that is illegal or at least could be argued to make such an "agreement" null and void. Funny stuff, this "frontier". Good thing SEO has taught me to play the rules.

Temporary solution, John

After signing into Adwords they do keep pushing you to read and agree to the new terms and I was in a hurry - just wanted to check my campaigns. Then I found that if you click on the logo at the top of the page you suddenly have access to your campaigns without agreeing the terms.

Don't know how long that will work though.

Google Maps Is Awesome...

...though I do have to agree that some of the other products seem a bit incomplete.

Don't forget it's FREE!

If they were charging for this stuff, I'd agree with the sentiment here.

But it's all free, so what do you expect? They can release whatever they want in any shape they want if they're giving it away.

I don't see the problem here

You can use Google Analytics. Or you can not use Google Analytics. That it is slow and clunky for a few weeks while they populate a new building with the requisite servers is not a big problem. You had other stats before the fact. And you have other stats now. Use them.

Same applies to all the other recently introduced and still unreliable services. Don't rely on them.

I do see the argument about AdSense. At the point that AdSense starts to behave unreliably, there the client has cause for grief, as he is a business partner and not simply using a free service.

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