Sony Overcharging Online Stores

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Just to prove that when the media get you on the ground, they give you a good kicking, The Times carries an article saying that internet shoppers face a “rip-off” Christmas after a decision by leading electronics companies to force up online prices for DVD players, hi-fis and similar products to high street levels. Although the article cites "leading electrnic companies" in general, it singles out "Sony" in particular.

This practice is likely to be fought in the courts. After all what would be next after electronic goods?

The Times has learnt that the practice of charging different prices to internet retailers and high street stockists — known as dual pricing — was started by Sony and has been followed by other manufacturers.

With a wonderful example of corporate speak a Sony spokesman said ( sometimes you think the puppet that says these things actualy believes them.)

“Sony offers a common basic selling price to all resellers. This price is then affected by different types of discounts.


kinda feel sorry for Sony

kinda feel sorry for Sony for the week/month they just had, probably the worst in the company's history PR-wise.

They even had to repeat their PS2 AC Adaptor recall (a few were birning holes in carpets or something!) this week

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