SixApart PR Agency Spams Bloggers


That's damn funny! The PR agency for makers of MovableType, SixApart have been spamming bloggers - I can see Krause Taylor Associates landing in a little hot water over that...


read the comments -

Anil Dash jumped in with a fairly cathartic shot - something tells me it's been brewing for a while:

It's fine to be a curmudgeon, but not everyone has the same sense of entitlement as a-list bloggers ("Don't you know who I am? I have very high pagerank!") so they don't usually refer to something like this as spam.

not really

Nah, it's really more of a continuation of a conversation I've had with Jeremy in person. But I wouldn't really expect to be mentioned here without having some spin put to my comments. And it's not as if I'm not counting myself among the overly-entitled.

did I add spin?

I only suggested that it didn't appear to be the first time you had encountered such a topic.

No, on second reading,

No, on second reading, you're right. Sorry, erik. "Spin" is probably overstating what I was trying to say. It's more of me overreacting because bloggers are such asshats sometimes. :) More frustrating is that we get associated with something another company does... we also use Microsoft Windows around the office, and they're convicted monopolists. Oh noes!

The problem is Anil, that

The problem is Anil, that that company represents you. They may not have been officially representing you at the time, but the association is unavoidable.

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